H.A.L. Happenings

Bellevue Public Schools HAL Services


Conferences are quickly approaching, and I want you to know that I am available to speak with you if you have any questions or concerns. I have split my conference schedule between two different schools this quarter. This quarter I will be at Fairview on Tuesday October 13th and LeMay on Wednesday October 14th.

If your child has his/her conference on the day I am scheduled to be at that building, I plan to attend that conference; as long as my schedule allows.

If I will not be at your child's school for conferences, you are welcome to stop in and visit, contact me through email, or call to schedule a conference at any building.

My email address is laura.swanson@bpsne.net..

Thank you for your continued support. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

In the spring I will attend conferences at WakeRobin and Central and Belleaire.

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Each quarter both the classroom teacher and I complete a form called the Instructional Programming Modification Plan (IPMP) for each student receiving HAL services. This form serves as documentation of the services that I provide during HAL time and the enrichment and extension services the classroom teacher provides throughout the day.

In the past, this form was a paper copy that you saw at conferences and/or during report card time. This year, the form will be digital. I will share the document with you via email once the classroom teacher and myself have it completed.

First Quarter Report

Welcome to HAL! This first quarter has really flown by! I want to give you an update on what has been happening in HAL.

Every day when students come to HAL, we begin with a "brain stretcher" activity. Some of the activities include logic problems, math logic, and word scramblers.

4th Grade:

Fourth graders continued working on different ways of thinking that we began at the end of last year. This quarter we focused on visual thinking. In this type of thinking students analyze shapes in unusual detail, manipulate shapes mentally, and recognize patterns.

5th/6th Grade:

The focus for 5th/6th graders this quarter was on the social and emotional aspects of being a gifted student. We discussed the differences between having a Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset. We also discussed ways to "change" our mindset. Determination, grit, resilience, effort are all words students learned about in terms of having a Growth Mindset. Students made Infographics that are hanging in the hallways based on the Growth Mindset vocabulary they learned. We talked about ways to deal with failure and turning what they feel is a failure into a positive learning experience.


WordMaster and Noetic Math

Students have the opportunity to participate in two different academic competitions this year, WordMaster Challenge and/or Noetic Learning Math Contest. Students will be bringing home a permission letter with more information.

The WordMaster lists will be made available soon. Students will receive a list of the words and their definitions. We will also discuss the different ways to practice.

The students electing to take the Noetic Math Contest will also receive some practice problems to work on.

Both the WordMaster lists and Noetic practice problems will be posted on my website after copies have been given to students.


Both contests will require students to spend time outside of the regular HAL time for studying.

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