A green idea venture

What We Are

motive of our company is GREEN BHARAT SWACH BHARAT.. and greenary is starting from you.. so lets make the first to give contribution in this mission.. we make ur house, office green which gives u a perfect envirmont for work.. we give plants at very low cost


with help of branding. we plant a tree in public place.. with ur name... and we give service to ur plant.. this branding makes ur company goodwill... and give a diffrent look

our products

we deal in all type of plants and pots. as well as service

why you choose us

we give services to your plants ... our employee are well educated and in our service you can trust us that your garden is always full of greenry. and we give u sorty that ur plant is always same. in any condition if ur plant is damaged or facing any problem .. we can replace it with new free of cost..