Wilson Weekly

Week of May 28th, 2018

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Action Items

  • Yearbook Signing and Talent Show Schedule - See below for the yearbook signing and talent show schedule for Tuesday.
  • Compliance Training Information - After summer starts, I will have info on the required 2018-2019 Compliance Trainings. They aren't required to be completed until September, but we will send them out if you'd like to get a head start and finish them over the summer!
  • PLC Summer Planning - Interested in participating? Join us on June 20th, and have a voice in planning for next year. Participants will be paid $25/hour. Send Cooper an email if you're interested.
  • TELPAS Training Certificates - As mentioned in the email from Kaylyn, download and save any certificates in the TELPAS Training Center prior to July 2nd.
  • Timesheets - Please submit any timesheets for work (tutoring, robotics, etc) completed during May on Tuesday.
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Response to Intervention from Mary

As we finished up our last round of RtI meetings, I wanted to thank you all for your hard work this year. We saw so many learners getting what they needed through your dedication to intervening in their areas of needs. Throughout grade levels, gaps were closed, learners moved down tiers and some learners qualified for more appropriate interventions. These things are possible because of your intentional intervention and progress monitoring. I know a lot of work goes into the process, and each year as we refine our process and craft we see more and more learner success.

Here Comes the Bride...

Lorena asked me to pass along an invitation for everyone to attend her wedding on August 4th @ 4:00. Please see below for additional information.

She has asked that people RSVP to Johanazelaya54@gmail.com . She'd like to get an idea of who all from Wilson will be attending so she can seat us together for the Reception. :)

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Tuesday: Yearbook Signing and Talent Show

8:00-8:30- 2nd

8:30-9:00 - 3rd

9:00-9:45 - Yearbook signing (all specials teachers will be in the gym!)

9:50-10:20 - 1st

10:20- 10:50- 4th

10:50-11:20- 5th

11:20-11:50- K

12:45 - Call Learners for Talent show. (Talent show participants can stay with their classes until they arrive at the cafeteria.)


K-3rd have normal lunch on Tuesday. 4th & 5th will need to eat in classrooms, or outside so we can quickly prepare the cafeteria.

5th grade - 12:05 lunch pick-up

4th grade - 12:15 lunch pick-up

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Week At A Glance

  • Memorial Day- No School!


  • Yearbook Signing
  • Talent Show


  • 5th Grade Graduation - 9:00
  • 5th Grade End-of-the-Year Celebration
  • 3rd grade walking field trip
  • All Staff End-of-the-Year Party at Twisted Root

Thursday - Last Day of School

  • 5th Grade vs. Staff Kickball game - 8:30am
  • Report Cards sent home with learners
  • 5th Grade Clap-Out - 12:00
  • Early Dismissal - 12:15pm


  • Professional Learning Day - If you will be out this day, please ensure that additional Flex Hours are documented in Eduphoria.

Please make sure your EOY Check-Out is completed prior to leaving for the year.

Have a great summer... You've earned it!