Hand quality portraits

Quality hand drawn pictures... By Paul Gallimore

The perfect gift;

Ideal for;

Christenings, Anniversaries, Birthday's, Wedding's, Valentine's day, Christmas or to simply to capture a loved memory...

Have your favourite photographs transformed into unique, beautifully hand drawn pet or people pencil portraits,

Check list:

-Is your subjects head in the photo more than an inch long?

-Does your photo have light and darker areas?

-The subject isn't squinting in the photo?

-Does the subject have reasonably neat hair,( if the subject has hair)?

-Can you see a gleam in the subjects eyes?

-Does the subject appear to be smiling?

-Can you see the colour of the subjects eyes?

If you can tick 5 or more of these boxes then you have a photo good enough to send.

Sending photo's by email....

When you click on one of our email links a email message Window, similar to the one on the right, will open. Click on the paperclip icon (circled in red).

Alternative: Click on Insert at top of Window, select File Attachment.

A small Insert AttachmentWindow, similar to the one on the right, will open. Locate the folder and file name of your photo and select the file name of the photo.

I suggest you only attach one picture per email if the pictures are over 1 MB in file size.

Click on the Attach button (circled in red).

The Insert AttachmentWindow will close and you'll return to the email message Window which will look similar to the one on the right.

The file name of your attached photo appears below the subject in the email message Window.

Then just send. simple?

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