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An Outline of Our Combo Package for Tourists include:

I. The Statue of Pericles

A. Timeline of Pericle's life

1. Born in 495 B.C
2. Entered politics in 470 B.C.

a. introduced democratic institutions to Athens

b. constructs the Parthenon in 447 B.C.

c. constructs the Acropolis in 5th century of BCE

3. Millitary Expedition

a. 454 B.C.

b. Athenian Forces agaist Delphi

B. Pericles Becomes the Ruler of Athens

1. 462 B.C. - 458 B.C.

2. A.k.a The Age of Pericles

II. Theatre Playwright: The Construction of the Parthenon

A. What was the Parthenon?

1. Built in 447 B.C.

2. Greek Temple dedicated to the Goddess Athena

3. Also celebrate the defeat on Persian armies

B. The Parthenon's Construction

1. 22,ooo tons of penetelic marble used

2. columns leaned inwards, giving the illusion on straight columns

3. embelished with bronze, gold, and ivory

C. The City's Treasure

1. Parthenon included a room for treasures

2. figure and satues were kept in the room

a. 380 figures

b. 220 animal statues

D. The Most Famous Statue

1. The Statue of Athena

a. made with 1,100 kilos of gold

b. could be removed from statue

c. sits above a body of water to portray the shinning wealth of Greece

III. Back home in Clovis With James and Devan

A. Pericle's Techniques and Styles of Architecture

1. used lots of pillars and columns in marble

2. ionic, noric, and corithean styled forms

3. flat base and decorations on both ends

B. Pericle's Architecture Compared to Modern Day

1. White House

2. Lincoln Memorial