By: Madi Malcook

All About Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the worlds most greatest discoveries. Not only is chocolate sweet, but it can be bitter. There are many different kinds of chocolate. Some including, milk, dark, white, hazelnut, cookies and cream and more. Chocolate is made with many ingredients, some including milk, sugar, and cocoa beans.

How Chocolate Is Made

1. First the cocoa beans are sifted, weighed and sorted to be perfect for chocolate making.

2. The cocoa beans are then roasted for up to two hours.

3. Next, the cocoa beans are cracked for yummy flavorful nibs inside.

4. The cocoa nibs are crushed to make chocolate liquor.

5. Milk, cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla is added to the chocolate liquor to make the mix sweeter and have more texture.

6. The mixture is put through a series of steel rollers to make the texture better.

7. Then the mixture is conched. (This pretty much means the mixture is mixed and mashed by a chocolate making machine.) For more expensive chocolate, conching can last up to 6 days.

8. Lastly, the chocolate is stirred, reheated and put through the process several more times for a nice look.

9. The chocolate is done, enjoy!

Here is a video on how chocolate is made if you are a more visual person!

Steps In Pictures

Different Chocolate Making Companies


Hershey is a very well known chocolate company. Not only did they invent the Hershey bar, but they also make Mounds, Kit Kat, Reeses, Hershey Kisses, Jolly Ranchers and more. Milton Hershey was the man behind all of this, he started his chocolate career in a caramel shop, believe it or not. The Hershey bar was sold in 1900, and that was the start of Hershey.


Domenico Ghirardelli founded Ghirardelli and in 1852, the chocolate shop was opened. In 1952, the company celebrated 100 years of chocolate making. Ghirardelli has lots of amazing chocolates from dark chocolate to milk chocolate. Ghirardelli even has a square in San Francisco called Ghirardelli Square that is an official landmark!

Your Knowledge

Now do you understand how chocolate is made? Now do you know more about chocolate? If so, use your knowledge to teach others about chocolate and it's awesomeness!


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