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YOUR CHOICE (on the traces of Joe Petrosino )

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A narrative museum presenting “legality” as the result of our personal behavior against every possible mafia organization in the childhood home of Joe Petrosino, the Italian migrant that become the first modern detective of the NY Police department. now a hero in Italy and in the USA.

Following the read thread of this game, you can participate in the construction of our strategy and understand your personal thinking confronting it with the distribution of the possible different opinions of other players and visitors.

The Museum located in Padula offers a unique opportunity to achieve what the Judge Giovanni Falcone said once

"Mafia is not frightened by police or justice, but by education and culture.”

The planning concept is carefully drafted focus, not in the character of Joe Petrosino but the values, he represents at that time 1900, how these values are still present in our society. Without forgetting he was a migrant, stranger in his new country he served and preserved against Italian mafia in the name of Italy.

The main point is to drive the visitor through a personal journey of values.

The Museum collects the information; is analyzed then measure the impact on the content.

The experience of each player can be public over social media channels then wider the impact of the personal experience. Or it can be anonymous and becomes valuable data for the museum in itself.

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You have watched the videos, now play the game. We place four questions. We give you a secret code, Mafia free control. Get ready for your mobile device. The answers are anonymous we don't know who you are and we don't record your phone number.
If you pass room ONE then you can submit your request to play room TWO


Q1: Describe any situation of prejudice nowadays in your area

Q2: Describe what do you feel in front of the two characters as MIGRANTS with different point of view

Q3: Under your point of view the lady;
1. Is she a Collaborator of the MAFIA?
2. As a poor woman, she needs to survive finding food for the family?
3. You see her as someone who deceives or escapes to become poor in another country?

Game credits

This game is designed by Aldo di Russo, Dorothea Papathanasiou and Daniel Weiss
Do you want to know who was Joe Petrosino, tap on link

The House-Museum 'Joe Petrosino' is a 'station' of Public & Digital History for all who wish to consult and analyze documentaries heritage on • 'the American Cosa Nostra',  • 'Mafia and Anti-Mafia',  • 'Camorra and Anti-camorra',