Top 5 developments in civilizations

Developments in early civialtion

Number 5- Trading

Trading was an important part of the ancient worlds because not only did it allow people to trade resources and get things they can’t in their region of the world. It also allowed cultures to combine and allow cultural diffusion to happen.

Number 4- Stone Tools

Stone tool were vital to early civilization , They were used for countless reasons, For example Hunting, digging plants and building home’s. Stone tools were very vital to the survival of early civilization. This time zone was called the stone age.

Number 3- Domesticating

As humans started to domesticate plants and animals, we started to develop special occupations. These occupations led to the develop of agriculture, religions, and cultures. This is placed 3rd because it is not as impactful as language and agriculture, even though it was extremely important to ancient civilizations.

Number 2- Written Language

Written language allowed older generations to leave behind important documents for the next generations. It got 2nd because of how much we still use written language today. Written language helped form modern society, and shaped how governments worked.

Number 1- Agriculture

Agriculture is the most important discovery to the ancient world because it cause the transition from hunter/gatherer to civilized people. It also allowed people to settle down in other areas of the world not just river valleys so humanity could spread out.