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Advice On How To Keep Up With Th Latest Trends

Dear Beauty Expert "K" ,

I have really bad acne. I tried Proactive but that won't work. I recently ate some blue berry muffins , but I don't think that's the problem. Please help me. #PimpledBeauty

Treating Your Body Right Heals Your Skin !

Dear #PimpledBeauty ,

Drink lots of water , water cleans and refreshes your skin. Eat healthy , if you put good things in your body , you get good out. Also , make sure you have good hygiene , or you will get bad bacteria.

The Hair Salon

We do everything here , from styling and cutting hair to waxing and doing nails. We are open at 7:35 till 9:30 on Monday-Friday , and 9:30 till 11:35 on the weekends. For additional info , contact us on our website ,