Hillcrest STEAM Academy Newsletter

June 2020

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As you know, we are getting very close to the end of the 2019/2020 school year at Hillcrest STEAM Academy. We have endured many challenges over the past few months. However, we could not be more thankful for our STEAM Family. You all have risen to the challenge and have exceeded our expectations. For this, we are so very grateful.

Thank you to our FAMILIES - you have accomplished things that are nearly impossible! We are very fortunate to have incredible families!

Thank you to our TEACHERS and STAFF- your flexibility and commitment to our students and families is second to none!

...and most importantly...

Thank you to our STUDENTS - We see you and miss you so much. Know that you are so important to all of us at STEAM. Each of you is loved, and we can't wait to be together soon.

Finally, take a few moments to read through the important information in this June Newsletter.

As always, we wish you well!

Dr. Roxanne Pearson - Principal

Dr. TJ Winkelmann - Assistant Principal

HSA Drop Off and Return Information

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Congratulations 6th Grade Students!

Farewell to 6th Grade

Good luck with retirement Mrs. Moore!

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Our Mission

The mission of Hillcrest STEAM Academy, a leader of STEAM innovation, is to ensure that all students flourish as individuals of character and advocates of their for own learning through the school community distinguished by

  • a culture of independence and collaboration

  • a global outlook based on a foundation of character

  • a focus on problem solving and critical thinking

  • real world experiences with integration throughout all subjects.