Talkin' 'bout To Kill a Mockin'Bird

With Shelby O, Maddie A, And Lexi S.

Literary Criticisms

Atticus wants his children to see the good and the bad in people while being understanding, not judgemental. When Scout meets Boo Radley, she finally "sees things from his perspective, ensuring that she will not become disillusioned as she grows into a young adult."

The snowman made out of snow and dirt represents show how the colored and whites are the same. When Miss Maudie Atkinsons house gets burned down and the snowman melts in the fire, it shows "the prejudice of Macomb Country."

When Scout listens to the trial, unlike the prejudice town, she sees the obvious answer; "Mayella and her father are simply lying about the rape. Mayella is lying out of shame, and to protect herself from scorn and humiliation, after having been caught aggressively embracing a black man. Bob, as the elder Ewell is known, is lying out of anger and racial hatred. In Bob's world view, no white woman could possibly consent to sexual contact with a black man. So when he saw his daughter kissing Tom, the only explanation had to be rape."

Characterization- Bob Ewell

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Character Foil Combinations

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“Dill had seen Dracula” (pg.7)

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Andrew Jackson

“it had really began with andrew Jackson” (pg.1)

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Situational: Boo Radley
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Verbal: Mr.Raymond

"you little folks won't tell on me now, will you? It'd ruin my reputation if you did"

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Thematic Theme

Don't be quick to judge.

"Atticus, he was real nice..."

- "Most people are scout, when you finally see them"

"you children last night made Walter Cunningham stand in my shoes for a minute"

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