Successful Study Skills!

Activities to Improve Note-Taking

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Successful Study Skills...

is a series intended for Austin ISD middle and high school students for use in enhancing their study habits. However, anyone may benefit from the suggestions, tips, links, and information provided. We hope you have SUCCESS in your STUDYING.

Successful Study Skills # 2

This Study Skills SMORE will provide suggestions for:

*Note taking techniques and strategies

Methods of Note Taking

The top methods for taking notes are:

1. Cornell Note Taking

2. Visual Note-taking

3. Outlining

4. Flashcards

5. Foldables

6. An Integrated Approach

Top 5 Note Taking Strategies: What’s The Best Note Taking Method for You?

The Cornell Method

The following video is an introduction for how to take notes using the Cornell Method.
Cornell Notes

More information about the Cornell Method

The following video goes into depth on the content for notes using Cornell Method including color-coding, annotation, and integrating Post-It Notes.
The Best, Fastest Note Taking Method! // UPDATED

Visual Note Taking

Below are several strategies to create visual study guides such as Mind Maps! Visual note taking helps you remember your content with visual cues, and it is fun!
Sketcho Frenzy: The Basics of Visual Note-taking

Using Flash Cards

Use the tried and true technique by making your own study cards.
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Study Skills - Use Flashcards

Creating Foldables

Learn how to create your own study sheet using folded paper instead of flash cards.
alternative to flashcards

Using Outlines

Learn how to create an outline for an assignment or to create a study guide.

Use an Integrated Approach

The video below demonstrates an integrated way to take notes from your textbook.
taking notes from a textbook

You may need a different style of notes for different subjects.

Choose the best note-taking strategy to ensure your Studying SUCCESS!

This Study Skills SMORE is presented by the Austin ISD Advanced Academics Team
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