Beyonce's Formation World Tour

Managed by- Kaylea King

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Tour Dates

(Corresponds withe Numbered Locations on the Map Above)
  1. July 15th
  2. July 16th
  3. July 17th
  4. July 18th
  5. July 22nd
  6. July 23rd
  7. July 24th
  8. July 25th
  9. August 1st
  10. August 2nd
  11. August 4th
  12. August 6th

*1-4 in US

*5-8 in Europe

*9-12 Miscellaneous

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tour will provide the most revenue based on GDP per capita?
- Singapore
  • US - $54,629.5
  • Spain - $29,721.6
  • Singapore - $56,284.3

In what country will the tour be the most popular, based on Internet access, media exposure, and record sales?

- The United States


  • US- 286, 942, 362 people have access
  • Spain- 37, 865, 104 people have access
  • Singapore- 4, 699, 204 people have access

Cinema Revenue:

  • US- $1.42 billion
  • Spain- $131.35 million
  • Singapore- $17 million

Record Sales-Lemonade:

  • US- 926,000
  • UK- 100,000

What is the cost for a ticket?

  • US- 150 Dollars
  • Spain- 134 Euros
  • Singapore- 207 Singapore dollars

Which tour has the greatest crime risk?

- The United States Tour based on the total and per capita crime rates listed on

What airline does the Beyonce use to get to the venues?

Which tour has the most risk of illness for Beyonce?

- The United States based on the World Health Organization Ranking of countries, ranking Singapore 6th, Spain 7th, and The United States 37th.

What other considerations are needed to plan a tour?

- What hotels she will be staying at, what restaurants she will eat at and what company's going to be in charge of security for the entirety of the tours.

What artist/band will open for Beyonce?

- DJ Khaled

What song will Beyonce open with every night of the tour?

- Formation, because its called the "Formation" tour.