Tech Training Part II for IC's

One wasn't enough, so we thought we would give you S-MORE

When: November 3, 2014

Welcome Instructional Coaches!

It is our pleasure to bring to you another technology training that we hope will add yet another skill to your "toolbox of skills" for coaching. We encourage everyone to grow in your learning as an instructional coach, just as we expect our teachers to grow and embrace the opportunities that "just make us better at what we do".

What do you need to bring to the training? Glad you asked...

*Make sure you bring your iPad fully charged

*Bring some information you will use to make a SMORE digital flyer for your campus (training idea for teachers/campus event such as a curriculum night/new strategies that you want to teach or reinforce to your teachers/etc.)

*Your login information for your SMORE account and TWITTER account you created last time

*You enthusiasm to learn even more technology to enhance your "coaching skills"

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Special Thanks to Donna Luther for the opportunity to collaborate and grow together!