Chris Moles Seminar

Author of The Heart of Domestic Abuse Coming April 7th-8th

Biblical Solutions for Destructive Relationships

Called to Peace Ministries would like to invite you to its upcoming seminar on helping those in destructive relationships with Chris Moles. Chris is author of the book, The Heart of Domestic Abuse.He is the Senior Pastor of Grace Community Chapel in Eleanor, WV and an ACBC certified biblical counselor. He is also certified group facilitator in domestic violence intervention and prevention. Chris serves as a faculty member with the West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence state wide intervention training program. His has a B.A. (Bible) from Cedarville College and a M.A.B.C. from Faith Bible Seminary. Visit his website at

Chris has spoken nationally and internationally on domestic violence and emotionally destructve relationships, including several appearances at Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis and The Village Church in Texas. He has published numerous articles on domestic violence with organizations such as The Biblical Counseling Coalition and A Cry for Justice. He does frequent trainings and seminars with Leslie Vernick, author of The Emotionally Destructive Relationship. Our Daily Bread has recorded two webinars on emotionally destructive marriages with Chris and Leslie that have help thousands of people better understand the dynamics of destructive relationships. This seminar will be especially helpful to anyone facing these type of relationships, as well as counselors and others who desire to learn how to recognize the warning signs and more effective intervention strategies.

We will have an evening session on Friday from 7:00-9:00, and a morning session on Saturday from 9:30-12:00. To learn more about Called to Peace Minsitries, visit our website

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Friday, April 7th, 7pm to Saturday, April 8th, 12pm

203 Capcom Avenue

Wake Forest, NC


$15 EARLY BIRD TICKETS- $20 at the Door



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What Others are Saying about Chris:

"Chris and Leslie are not only extremely qualified to speak into this field, but their counsel is rich with the gospel. They show a deep understanding of how God’s character and redemptive plan inform the church’s response to abuse. Simultaneously, they are very well acquainted with the church’s troubled history of dealing with this issue with the seriousness and intentionality that is necessary. Their training makes key corrections and recommendations for churches that seek to honor the Lord’s high view of covenant and to protect vulnerable and abused people.We have no doubt that Leslie and Chris will be a fantastic resource for your church or organization. We eagerly recommend them to you."

Matt Chandler, Josh Patterson, and Brian Miller, Lead Pastors, The Village Church

"We invited Chris Moles to come and train the elders at Bethlehem Baptist Church so that we could grow in our ability to shepherd our people through the horrors of domestic abuse. We had high hopes because he came highly recommended. We were not disappointed. Time and time again the Lord gave us "aha" moments concerning what questions to ask and when to ask them, how to look for warning signs, and how gospel confrontation aims for the heart in calling for repentance and gospel transformation. This training was a lifeline for us in a difficult season of shepherding. I thank God for Chris Moles and this material."

Jason Meyer, Pastor for Preaching and Vision. Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN

“Chris Moles addresses the heart and behavior, giving solid hope and practical instruction for change through the Gospel and biblical principles.”

Dr. Stuart Scott, Professor of Biblical Counseling The Master’s College, Santa Clara, CA

“Few in the biblical counseling movement have Chris Moles’ extensive experience with families ravaged by this problem. Pastors and ministry leaders need to be equipped to counsel the heart…”

Dr. Mark Shaw, Director of Vision of Hope Residential Treatment Center Lafayette, IN


Friday April 7th: 6:30-7:00 PM- Registration

  • Evening Session Ends 9:00 PM

Saturday 8th: 9:00-9:30- Late Registration

  • Session Ends 12:00 PM

Called to Peace Ministries

Called to Peace Ministries is a nonprofit (501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping victims of difficult life circumstances such as domestic violence and emotional abuse. We have a twofold mission: 1) to provide practical assistance and biblical counsel to individuals and families affected crisis, and 2) to equip churches and other organizations better respond to these crises through training and mentoring.

Practical Assitance
Individuals affected by domestic violence and other life crises struggle with limited resources, from housing to employment to childcare and transportation, and many stay in abusive situations simply because of these limitations. Currently we maintain a database of resources to share, and are working on a plan to provide resources such as housing and transporation directly. At Called to Peace Ministries, we believe that healing belongs to God. His Word and Spirit are powerful instruments of healing! We offer practical, biblically-based counsel and support groups to help individuals and families overcome destructive relational cycles. Our confidential services are offered free of charge to those who cannot afford to pay, and all are welcome to utlilize our services. You do not need to share our faith, and we do not force our beliefs in anyone.

We recognize that without proper knowledge and training those who desire to minister to victims of domestic violence may unwittingly make matters worse. Therefore, CTPM offers educational seminars and training to help equip churches and other organizations by giving them the knowledge necessary to help. We offer quarterly community wide workshops on domestic violence in the Raleigh, NC area, but we are also willing to travel to your church or small group.