SLCS District Update

January 7, 2021

Note from the Superintendent

Happy New Year SLCS Families!

As I indicated in a communication earlier this week, I hope that this finds you and your families doing well at the start of the new year. Also as was stated in that communication, we are extremely excited to be welcoming students back starting next week. We fully recognize the emotional, social, and academic advantages to having students engaged in in-person learning.

Without question, our entire community can share in the collective successes of this school year. While there have been peaks and valleys thus far, we can’t lose sight of the fact that we are working to educate students during a global pandemic. If nothing else, we have learned that this requires a cooperative and collaborative effort. There is much to still work through and accomplish this school year. We can and should feel proud for what we have accomplished and for what we are yet to accomplish for our students.

Some have commented on a divide that seems to have surfaced in our school community. The origin of this apparent divide centers around in-person vs. remote instruction. First, I am a firm believer that every parent simply wants what they feel is best for their child(ren). To that end, as educators, we work tirelessly to provide the most to and for our students each and every day. We are all tired of dealing with the challenges presented by the pandemic. However, the only acceptable choice is to continue to meet these challenges head on each day.

I offer that difference of opinion can be healthy for an organization when handled correctly. I further offer that a divide within a community is unhealthy and does everyone a disservice. Continued respectful communication, cooperation, and collaboration will undoubtedly keep us together and allow our collective efforts and energies to best serve the needs of our students.

In closing, I want to remind everyone that we need to be on the same team, working in the same direction, and with the same end goal. A safe, quality education for our students.

SLCS Strong!

Steve Archibald


Secondary Families

ENGAGE Michigan Program:

Michigan’s Department of Education has partnered with Graduation Alliance to form the ENGAGE Michigan program, which will provide an extra layer of support for students and families who might be struggling with school attendance or engagement.

Our middle and high schools will be contacting families if they have referred a student for the additional support available from the ENGAGE Michigan program. Graduation Alliance will then be reaching out to students through phone calls, emails, text messages and more to get students started.

Students who choose to participate in the program will get an academic coach to work with them to answer questions, connect them with resources, and develop a plan to get on track

and finish the school year strong. There is no cost for the student. ENGAGE Michigan is completely free to students.

Schedule for the Week of January 18th:

Monday, January 18 - MLK Day, PD Day - No Students Attend School

Tuesday, January 19 - Remote Learning Day (Classes 1-6 meet)

Wednesday, January 20 - 1st/2nd hour meet (A/B cohorts in person) - ½ day of school

Thursday, January 21 - 3rd/4th hour meet (A/B cohorts in person) - ½ day of school

Friday, January 22 - 5th/6th hour meet (C/D cohorts in person) - ½ day of school

Please look for communication from your specific school for bell schedules for this week of school.

Elementary Families

In-Person Information:

We are excited to welcome our in-person learners back to the classroom on Monday, January 11! We have received some questions about what to expect when an elementary student has to quarantine due to close contact with a COVID positive individual either at school, at home, or in the community. First it is important to recognize that the CDC and Oakland County Health Department have reduced the required quarantine period to ten days.

When a student must quarantine, their classroom teacher will provide them with assignments they can complete during that time, like any other extended absence. This may include some assignments posted to Google Classroom or Seesaw, time spent interacting with online reading or math activities, paper assignments and/or learning packets, or a combination of those types of activities. It could take a few days for your child’s teacher to have these assignments ready. Not all in-person lessons can be switched to activities students are able to complete at home independently. Additionally, quarantined students are expected to join the remote lessons with their In classroom teacher on Wednesdays. Teachers will also work with families to schedule additional meetings to check in with students and support their learning on Wednesdays after the whole-group lessons. Students will have additional opportunities over the course of the quarantine to check in with a building staff member who can help support their learning.

Some have asked, “why can’t my student join their in person classroom via Google Meet?” Live-streaming of classroom instruction, at the elementary level, is not available. The structure and flow of the elementary in-person day and lessons do not support students remotely joining classroom instruction while the rest of their class is in-person.

Virtual Learning Pathway Information:

We are grateful for your continued partnership in your child’s learning this year! When we are returning from a break, it is often helpful to revisit, reteach, or refine routines as students readjust to their learning schedule and expectations. As we return from break, we wanted to offer some helpful reminders to help support your student’s learning and growth at home.

  • Be sure your student has a designated space for learning each day. Here are some helpful things to include in that space:

    • Desk or table

    • Chromebook or Computer

    • Bin for materials so they are easily accessible (pencils, pens, dry erase markers, paper, notebooks, handouts, etc.)

    • Any weekly paper activities

  • Have learning materials ready before lessons so students are able to easily participate in the day’s learning activities without needing to search for items.

  • Try to minimize or remove distractions in the learning area so students are able to focus on their learning.

  • To help your child be ready for the day’s learning, be sure they have had time to eat a healthy breakfast before class begins. You can pre-order free breakfasts and lunches from our Food Services department by completing the form linked here. Pre-order Meals Form

  • Encourage your child to take screen breaks between class meetings and online activities.

  • Please talk to your child about leaving their camera on whenever possible during instructional times. Teachers are better able to interact with students when they are able to see their faces, read their body language, and see what they are doing as they are completing tasks and activities.

  • To help your child’s independence grow, have your student complete assigned work independently. When questions come up, encourage your child to ask their teacher questions when there are things they do not understand or need to have explained again.

  • It is very important for your child’s teacher to be able to see not just what your student knows, but what they still need to learn. This means it is important for them to be able to see mistakes your child may have made on assignments so they know what support and instruction may be most helpful next.

Thank you for everything you are doing to support your learner this year! We are excited to continue partnering with you to best support their growth.

Food Service

Food Distribution is for virtual students and young children not enrolled in school yet beginning next week, from 4:30-6:00 at South Lyon High School Door 11. Those eligible can pre-order meals using the form linked here. Pre-Order Meals Form

In-person students will receive their meals on the days they attend in-person classes as done prior to going all remote as follows:

  • Elementary In-person students have breakfast and lunch offered to them Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Breakfast and Lunch is sent home on Tuesday to cover Wednesday's Remote day. Students place their lunch order through their teacher.

MS/HS offer Lunch Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Students are offered "To Go Meals" that consist of 5 Breakfast and 3 Lunch to cover the days they are Remote Learning. Breakfast is not offered in the schools to avoid students from congregating.


Students riding the bus will be asked to remove gloves to sanitize their hands prior to boarding the bus. Please have your students ready to remove their gloves when the bus approaches the bus stop to help keep the buses on time getting students to and from school.

Wellness - SLCS COVID Update

Today our community members received information about how our district processes positive COVID-19 cases. CLICK here to access the correspondence.

Wellness - Oakland County Health Department

Please continue to screen your student(s) before they attend in-person instruction. If they are experiencing COVID symptoms or had close contact with a person who has tested positive with COVID, keep them at home. The picture below is a decision making flowchart that can help families if they are uncertain about sending their child to school. More resources from the Oakland County Health Department can be found on their website by clicking HERE.
Big picture

Wellness - New Oakland Crisis Hotline

New Oakland Family Centers has been a great resource to South Lyon Community Schools. They have recently expanded their capacity to serve students, families, school personnel, and community members by making available a crisis hotline. They offer Master’s level therapists through a 24-Hour Emergency Hotline, 877-800-1650. This resource is designed to help people in mental and social-emotional crises any time, day or night, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. In addition, they have 13 centers throughout Michigan. For questions or appointments, please call (800) 395-3223.