February 2016

Groundhogs, Presidents, and Love!

New Books, New Books!

We have gotten tons of new books in the past few weeks. Now that I am back full-time we will get these out and proudly display them. Please let your students come down and check them out as time permits.

Student Work

If you have any student work (artistic) that you would like to display in the library, please feel free to send it down. We LOVE to showcase our students' talents.

Literary Lunches

We currently have 3 lunch groups meeting each week. I am very excited that the 8th grade group is all boys! We have had some great discussions about racial issues: black and white, and Native American and white. It is interesting to see how far things have progressed but we still have a long way to go. The students have been very perceptive and that gives me hope for the future!