Perseverance of Fear

Fear is hard to conquer, the most best way is to persevere.

Spider fear

Spiders, they are air-breathing arthropods with eight legs and fangs that may inject venom. They are the largest order of arachnids and rank seventh in total species against other orders of organisms. Have you ever known that people fear spiders and have to persist against this fear and don't worry. Many people have arachnophobia which is the fear of spiders, but do you know about these critters to not fear them?

In "Harry Potter" the series by JK Rowling, Ron is a wizard who has arachnophobia and in the books and movies you can experience how he drives a car with Harry and go "follow the spiders" and big spiders started to appear and Ron was worried, but Harry told him just to go with it, so he did until the spiders started to attack them. This shows how he perseveres through getting through the spiders.

Spiders are not as threatening then you think, they are not dangerous. If you learn about spiders then you'd understand why they aren't, why they would bite, and you could also learn the toxicity of the venom and the different types of spiders and even learn to sight ID them to family. People see these little critters around your house dangerous, but spiders bite when you are afraid and start destroying his web or something. So, all in all don't be afraid, if you see a spider just settle down.

75 year old survivor

A 75-year-old man must have wondered whether he would ever be found. More than 4 weeks after an earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan, he was sitting by his destroyed house. This is the order of how he was after and before he was rescued.

He was found, by rescuers with only a battery powered radio and holed up in his small farmhouse surrounded by fallen trees, dead pigs, and debris from the tsunami.

Second, he was found in the nick of time, he had almost ran out of food and water. A while ago after the tsunami occurred he ran out of electricity also.

Mr. Shiga was his name, and he revealed that he did not know where his wife was and neighbors. He didn't leave because he has trouble walking and so he sat in a dark room and was listening to a battery- powered radio after the tsunami.

He was afraid of what would happen to him and had to persevere through the days waiting for rescuers, the tsunami came right to his door step. He was also afraid because he was old and didn't know who could take care of him.

Japanese authorities have now then confirmed that 27000 people are dead or missing after the disaster.

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Chile earthquake

According to the US GS a earthquake is going to hit in Chile! This is the 2010 8.8 earthquake that hit Chile 1.9 miles off the coast of Pelluhue commune in the Maule Region of Chile and this is 3.7 miles west off the coast of central Chile on Saturday, 27 February at 3:34 local time having a magnitude of 8.8 on the moment magnitude scale. Intense shaking lasted for about 3 minutes, and ranked as the sixth largest earthquake ever recorded by a seismograph. City's started to shake and triggered off in 53 countries and the waves caused minor damage in the San Diego area of California. Results of this cause, according to official sources, 525 people lost their lives, 25 people went missing, and about 9% of the population in the affected regions lost their homes. Also, because of the earthquake on March 10, Swiss Reisurance Company estimated that the Chilean earthquake would cost insurance companies between 4 and 7 billion dollars. Also, earthquakes losses to the economy of Chile estimated at $15-30 billion. These are causes of the earthquake in Chile and effects of what its done to there area and economy.
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Aron Lee Ralston

Aron Lee Ralston, you might have heard his name on the news talking about a accident in South-eastern Utah in 2003 when he amputated his own right forearm with a pocketknife in order to get out of a boulder which had him trapped for 5 days as also seven hours. But, did you know that he had the fear of death or starvation and he persevered through days and nights, he ran out of food and water and videotaped his last goodbyes to his family. In contrast if he did not perform amputation for one hour, he could of died from starvation, as well as his family not knowing where he is and everybody worry about him. After freeing himself, Ralston had to get back to his truck. He climbed out of the slot canyon in the hot sun. He was 8 miles from his vehicle when he climbed and rappelled down a 65 foot sheer wall one-handed. While hiking out of the canyon he found a family on vacation from the Netherlands. Andy, Eric and Monique Miejers son, gave him oreos and water and feared he would bleed to death, he lost 40 pounds including 25% of his blood volume.
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Chile Mine

Jorge Galleguillos, a veteran miner thought he saw a butterfly down 2000 feet below earth's surface. But it was a white rock, a milky quarts that glimmers when it catches the light. Because as they drove 65 feet past that spot, that one falling rock became a massive explosion and the area filled with dust around them. The men, along with 31 others, were about to undergo an ordeal the likes of which few suffer, and few survive. The collapse of the San Jose mine on Aug. 5, 2010, became international news, as 33 men were trapped for 69 days while battling starvation. Deep down they were afraid and hopeless as the world waited for news of rescue. They carried food including 1 can of salmon, 1 can of peaches, 1 can of peas, 18 cans of tuna, 24 liters of milk, and 93 packages, and some expired medicines. On day 17, a drill that had been growing louder suddenly ,stopped, the sound replaced by a whistle of escaping air - one of the drills had broken through. Food, clean water, a phone line and other supplies were passed down the 4.5- inch hole. The rescue can take place through the hole already drilled, but required a new hole 28 inches in diameter. In time many nations would send help. Including the U.S. with a special 26000- pound drill coming from a company in Pennsylvania. On Sept. 17, one of the drills broke through and was wide enough for the men to get through. The first miner was rescued ascended to the surface a little before midnight on Oct. 12, 24 hours later, all 33 miners were out.
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