King Tut

Written by Roberta Edwards

The Mystery

Not long ago, no one even knew who Tut was. Luckily in 1922, someone unraveled the great mystery and ancient leader of Egypt. Finally, in 2005 California received objects straight from King Tut's grave. Although people adored this ancient artifact, there is great mystery behind it. The mystery is how he died. Some people say he was murdered, and others say he fell of his carriage. Most people say he was killed by some sort of vicious animal.
Revealed: How King Tut Died

What was in his tomb?

Because people brought artifacts from Tut's tomb to America, people went crazy over it. People were dazzled by the shiny jewelry, the beautiful pottery, fans, clothes, and even furniture! Overall, there were about one hundred twenty-five objects placed in his tomb. In fact, people loved King Tut and mummies so much that they started to make scary movies on them which eventually became very popular. King Tut was a very interesting ruler and we still research him today.


  • Clubbed foot : A birth defect in which the foot is twisted out of shape or position.
  • Tomb: A large vault, typically an underground one, for burying the dead.