Being a Kindergarten teacher

by Kelsi Robinson

Why do I want to do this?

Teaching young children seems fun and easier than most jobs. I also like the idea of helping kids!

Career description:

Kindergarten teachers are responsible for fostering the intellectual and social development of children in the first phase of their elementary school experience or kindergarten.
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Summary of education and training:

Knowledge includes the conventions of academic language, including reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.


You must have your bachelors and Associates degree. You must also pass your certification test, ec-6 subject generalist.
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Part time jobs that can help me achieve my goal:

Daycare and babysitting... or anything that has to do with interacting with kids.

Characteristics of a Kindergarten teacher....




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The down side to this job for me is the money. I think dealing with what you have to deal with to become a Kindergarten teacher and to actually do the job, you should get paid more. But I do not plan on doing this my whole life so it's not that big of a problem.
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So in the end though there are some salary issues, I would love to be a kindergarten teacher. Working with kids who have no idea what they're doing somehow sounds fun to me. Helping them learn the basics sounds fun and somewhat easy. In fact, I think getting certified is going to be the hard part.