Gr 2 ELA and MATH

This week at Pilgrim 1-15-16

ELA this week with Mr Yearick:

We're back in full swing now! This week we did some small group work with phonics and comprehension, and we focused on long 'a' words with"ai" and "ay". We're enjoying our read aloud, "Stuart Little", and had some fun imagining life as a mouse.

Next week we will take the winter MAP tests. These will help me see how the students have progressed so far this year, and what concepts we still have to practice.

Math in Grade 2

Unit 5 brings 2-D and 3-D shapes

Many vocabulary words have been added to our explorations:

Straight-edge, line segments, end points, polygons, quadrangles. Just to name a few...

Next week we play with 3-D shapes as we build a Shape Museum.

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