Quinn's Q&A


Important Dates and Reminders!

October 15, 2015- FUN RUN at Memorial Stadium, 10:15-11:15

October 16th, 2015- Picture Day and Early Release Day

October 16th, 2015- Raleigh Field Trip Form Due

October 20th, 2015- First Raleigh Payment ($35) Due

Many of you already paid a payment of $30, because that is what I had previously communicated. The 4th grade staff later decided that as a grade level we would make it a payment of $35 due on the 20th!

October 26th, 2015- No School, Teacher Workday

October 27th, 2015- No School, Teacher Workday

Our Class Wish List

Five 1-inch Binders- these are for individual student data binders, and it is very important that every student has one!

Binder Dividing Tabs

Binder Clips

Used Chapter Books

Snacks for the class

Peek at the Week

Math: This week we will be continuing our investigation of factors and multiples. Factors and multiples can be a very difficult concept to understand, so discuss them with your child at home! Ask them- what is a factor? What is a multiple? How are they related?

Daily Five: We are loving the opportunity to be leaders in our learning by making our own Daily Five choices! This week we will continue working on making responsible and smart choices to help us become better readers. Ask your child what choices they made in Daily Five today!

In addition to Daily Five, this week we will also be working on referring to specific details in a text when answering questions about it.

Writing: We are excited to begin our unit on writing Biographic Sketches! This week we will be reading some model Biographic Sketches and discovering the components that a great Biographic Sketch has.

Social Studies: We will be continuing our unit on civics and government in the state of North Carolina.

Missing Work

The end of the first quarter is quickly approaching, and I still have some missing work in the grade book! An updated list of any work I am missing from your student will be coming home soon. Lets see if we can get all our missing work in so no one has any unnecessary 0's!

I promised the students that if everyone gets in ALL of their missing work by the end of the quarter that I would provide them with a "Pizza Party" for lunch. :)

"You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!"