Chinese Cinderella

The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter


Yen Jun-Ling (Adeline) is born to a wealthy family. Shortly after she was born her mother died, so her whole family considers her "unlucky"and mistreats her.

Her Father remarries and all the step children are poorly treated but none of them are treated nearly as bad as her. So because she is a girl,she is the youngest in the first marriage, and he mother died after she was born, she is easily outranked by the rest of the family.

She is finally given respect by her classmates after being sent to boarding school by herself. She is a very talented writer and a good student. While she is away she receives no letters and no visitors from home.

She then wins a prize , it brings attention to her father and he offers to send her to college with her brother to study medicine. Although she wants to be a writer, she accepts her father's offer.

There is a story about inner strength, and survivorship.

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Exposition: Her mother died after she was born so everyone treats her poorly

Rising Action: Her whole family except her Aunt Ba Ba and Ye Ye

Climax: She is sent away to a boarding school

Falling Action: She becomes a very talented writer

Resolution: Her Father sends her to college with her brother