A Dogs Life

Ann M. Martin

Main Characters

Squirrel- is a female dog who is trying to survive in the streets

Bone- he is the brother of squirrel but he leaves squirrel by her self

Moon- she is that one friend a female dog that stays with squirrel until she died


the settings were a lot of places like the forest town cities were squirrel tried to survive.

Significant Quote

The winter days at Susan's passed slowly and gently, like leaves falling from trees.

one morning, a bright warm morning with sniffs of spring in the air.


squirrel had to live in the streets almost always by himself. And he also try to survive with his friend moon

Plot Summary

A dogs life is about a dog named squirrel that lived in the streets. She was separated by her brother named Bone. Later she met a friend Moon that also lived in the streets. They passed the streets and Moon got rained over and Squirrel got hurt. Time passed and at the end she finally got a owner
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Ann M. Martin

    Ann Matthews Martin is an American children's author. Ann Martin grew up in Princeton, New Jersey with her parents and her younger sister, Jane. Her father was the great cartoonist Henry Martin.

      Born: August 12, 1955 (age 60), Princeton, NJ

      Parents: Henry Martin

      Education: Smith College

      Movies: The Baby-Sitters Club

      Awards: John Newbery Medal