March 14, 2014


WE FINISHED OUR PERSUASIVE NOMINATIONS SPEECHES! We also started our Humanitarian tri-fold Public Relations project. There are 12 parts to the project. We will attempt to finish 4 parts per week. I would like to finish the tri-folds on April 11 because the next week we miss another Friday due to Good Friday. .

Each year I talk to the students about finishing strong. It is easy at the end of the year to put ourselves in cruise control. The analogy I like to use is a race horse- the race horse sprints across the finish line. We are the race horses and we plan to FINISH STRONG!


Power of one Projects are due April 11- I know that seems like a LONG way off but it creeps up on us quickly. This is an at home project.

Don't forget to take pictures - we will put photos on our tri-folds this year! You can send me the photos via email or have your child put them on Drop Box.


Science: Students answered the following testable question: What fruits or vegetables will make a battery that produces the most volts? Each student wrote a hypothesis to answer this question and then we tested a variety of fruits and vegetables.We also wrote a conclusion after we completed the experiment. Ask your child which fruit / vegetable had the highest voltage.

Topic Study: Today was a BIG day to learn about essential questions. We examined the elements of an essential question and the depth of thinking that is required to answer an essential question. We are striving for DEPTH of knowledge! Students took notes and started to work on projects for our May open house!