The Taj Mahal

by Jonathan sowder

In 1631,there was a building named the "Taj Mahal"and it was built in Agra India.The Taj Mahal was also built by Shah Jahan, who was an emporer of India. Shah Jahan built it because he wanted to be reminded of his wife and his wife`s name is Mumtaz Mahal.

What was The Taj Mahal made of?

The Taj Mahal had so many unique designs and they are known as Jade,Crystal,Lapiz Lazili,Amethyst,Piestra Dara and Turqoise.These are made out of white marble these

designs came from Rajasthan,Rinjab,China,Tibet,Afghanistan,Sru Lanka,and Arabia.

What did the Taj Mahal look like?

The Taj Mahal had a enormous dome and the size of it was 240 yards(73 feet).The Taj Mahal also had a pool of water,They say it had a perfect reflection of the Taj Mahal. It also has four slender towers or they are called minarets.Also they four smaller towers on the other side of the walls.

How long did it take to build?

It took almost 22 years to build the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal took 200,000 men to build the Taj Mahal.It also attracted 2 to 4 million visitors over land and over sea
The Taj Mahal had so many features that we talked about,like the people came to the Taj Mahal and the there were over 2 to 4 million people .We hoped you liked my writing . Also let me tell you something, The Taj Mahal is still standing today.
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