Decimals operations

By carlos manzur zarzar

Adding decimals

If you want to add decimals you can add as many ceros as you want but always after the decimals then you need to add normally . When you finish adding you only need to aline the decimal and it all your finish the equation.
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Subtraction decimals

First you add zeros for aline the decimal and the you just subtract the operation and at last pull down the decimal and thats all.
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Multiply decimals

First you need to multiply the equation by mutiply every nomber of the botom with every number of the equation part but if you have more than one colum on the botom you need to add one zero starding on the 2 colum. At last you multyply all you only add the answer with all the colums and you finish the equation.
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Dividing decimals

First you need to move the desimal until it desapears echen it is desapears you only divide normaly and when the equation is finish you only ad the desimal with the spaces you move at the first step.
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