Room 630 News

What's new in our classroom!

Last Week

It was an exciting full week in Kindergarten! Besides continuing to practice our rules, procedures, and getting used to the routine, here are a few things we accomplished:

Reading/Writing: We began mastering the letters H (Harry Hat Man), M (Munching Mike), and S (Sammy Snake). On the days we didn't learn a letter, we made awesome letter posters by finding pictures and words in magazines that began with the topic letter. There are pictures on SeeSaw! Once they got the hang of it, the students did a great job with this overall.

In Reader's Workshop, we're practicing recognizing capital and lowercase letters as well as beginning sounds we hear or see in words. When we have a chance to look at books, we are continuing to practice our book loving skills, being good elbow partners, and noticing the parts of a book. Be sure to point these out at home if you aren't already!

Science/Social Studies: We're getting good at doing our calendar and counting the days of school first thing in the morning. After that, we've been talking about what it means to be a citizen. Ask your child if he/she can explain to you some things a citizen does or the groups they are a part of. We read an awesome book called Do Unto Otters that really brought it all into perspective on Wednesday, and also taught students the golden rule!

Math: In math, we've slowly been making our way from unit one into unit two, which is all about number sense from 0-10. We have continued to focus on a number a day and all the ways it can be represented and written. We've played some counting games on the computer and are practicing building, counting, and matching numbers in a variety of ways.

As we move forward, I am continuing to get a better understanding of where children are at in math as well as the other subjects so that I can better differentiate their work in school and at home. If it is too easy for your child or too hard, don't worry! I will meet them where they need to be within the next few weeks. There are just a few bases I have to cover first. We're getting there! :)

The Week Ahead

Reading/Writing: We have a few new letters coming our way next week, and we'll really be trying to practice and remember all the ones we've learned so far. If you ever want to watch the videos that we watch in class about our letters (that the kids LOVE), search "Have Fun Teaching Alphabet" on youtube.

Science/Social Studies: We'll continue to learn about citizens for a couple of days this week, and then we'll be tying what we know into Johnny Appleseed! His birthday isn't until the 26th, so for the next couple weeks we will be doing a BUNCH of apple stuff. It's going to be a ton of fun!

Don't forget to mail those gingerbread men if you haven't already! :) We can't wait to see all the places they go.

Math: We will practice writing, examining, representing, and doing a bunch of activities with our numbers 0-5 and higher this next week. We'll be able to start using some more of our fun, hands-on math games as the weeks continue since we're getting more comfortable with station rotations and are becoming better direction followers!


Monday - Day 5 - PE

Tuesday - Day 1 - Art

Wednesday - Day 2 - Music

Thursday - Day 3 - Media

Friday - Day 4 - Chinese