BY mahir


In a town named sullvill there is a high school named sullvill high a student n3amed brandon started making music CD’s s Because he wants to be a rapper when he grows up.He finally gets his big break when a company wants to listen to his mixtape.When brandon sent his CD to the music company they rejected because they said it was the same CD as some else sent them .


His dad who thinks he spends to much time making music and not doing his work he wants brandon to take over the family flower business he is always yelling at him to stop

His coach who has always said he wanted to be a rapper he always would tell him and the other athletes that he can rap and he was going to be famous but his parents did not let him

His girlfriend who he just cheated on.When she figured it out she said that she was going to make his life miserable and that she will never forgive him


When brandon saw his CD in his locker there was a whistle

Also brandon smelled her ex girlfriend perfume.

Who did it?

It was his coach who did it. brandon figured it out because about a week later when the CD aired on tv and he saw the name of the artist and it said by coach T.He knew that it was him because thats what the other coaches called him.The perfume was a redharring left for brandon to think it was his girlfriend.

What did brandon do

Brandon when into his coaches house and poisoned his coaches food . He was charged with first degree murder.He at first denied it but he confessed after the police used there interrogation skills to realize that he was lying.The police concluded that his motive was to get back at his coach for what he did.