Hear what this kid needs to say obout space.

Have you heard of the big bang ?

Have you heard about the big bang but not the TV show real thing? I selected this topic because it interested me and had a lot of info to be you know how the earth and are solar stem all stared well it started with a big bang. The big bang started about 13 to 14milinl years ago. There are many Therese of how it all began but one starts with a small hot particle .Than the particle grew tell it got enormous it exploded. Then the particles from the blast collided crating planets strode etc. but the center of the particle collected all it could crating are sun! As you can see we know very little about are solar stem. The most interesting thing that I learned was that scientists can crack fragments of a big bang even after a billion years. Something that surprised me was some people can tell or predict when a big bang has occurred. Something I would still like to know is how we know what the big bang is without seeing it ore using telescope. by Zoey turner.from Mrs.Flecher class! Below you will see a pic. of what scientist thinks the explodshon would look like from the big bang.

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