Happy Holidays @ LTN354


Bridging the work from 2015 to 2016

Welcome back Staff,

This week we will reach the climax of our work together in 2015 as we prepare for our second semester after this well deserved winter break! Together, we've built systems and processes that have had a positive impact on the way in which we conduct our work at LTN. These organizational enhancements to our daily work have created increased functionality and ease of access for all staff. Our intentional efforts around teacher leaders and strong teams is one example of this investment in efficiency and productivity. The bridges we've built will allow us to further our efforts towards increased student achievement through focused professional development and leadership opportunities for staff into the new year 2016. Thank you for the long hours of effort and dedication to the children and families of Love T. Nolan Elementary School. The work could not get done without your cooperation!

Preparation for the New Year:

Although our natural tendency might be to reduce our efforts this week as we ease into our next checkout point with families and friends, I am strongly encouraging us all to finish strong by making investments into next semester. Instead of slowing down our grind this week, consider the benefits of preparing for the return of our children on January 6th. Here are a few questions to consider before we depart on Friday, December 18th:

1). How will I welcome students back into my classroom on 1.6.16? What strategies will I employ to support the socio-emotional health of my students? What class-wide routines will I implement to strengthen the culture in my room?

2). As a result of the data from the GA Milestones, what teaching strategies might I need to improve upon in order to increase student mastery of academic concepts? How am I incorporating the many shifts LTN will be moving towards in 2016? How am I planning for these shifts and what resources will I utilize to support them?

3). Based on the administrative feedback around TKES standards, what next steps do I need to incorporate in my daily teaching/planning in order to meet these expectations? What adjustments do I need to make?

4). How am I regularly assessing student strengths and weaknesses to move them from one level to the next? How am I ensuring the equitable progression of students functioning at both the lower and upper levels of achievement?

Round Two Walkthroughs and Formative Observations:

Administrators will continue walkthroughs and begin formative observations this week. Please remember to upload evidence of Standard 6 within 24 hours of being observed. Please refer to the email regarding the TKES Look Fors before uploading your evidence. Thank you in advance and best wishes to each of you.

The 5 Day Action Plan

Staff Attire, Winter Concert, PBIS, and Class Parties

Participating staff members have already paid Mrs. Hutcherson/Rencher their $10.00 fee to wear jeans all week. These funds will be used to support the MVP girls mentoring initiative this year. A huge thank you goes out to the MANY staff members who have volunteered to serve as mentors to our pearls!

Please Note:

Our winter concert series will take place on Wed. & Thur., Dec. 16th/17th at 6pm. Please ensure that you are dressed professionally for this evening with our parents and community stakeholders.

PBIS, Friday Dec. 18th: The excitement is mounting as we approach our fourth monthly positive behavior incentive for our students who have consistently demonstrated our core values of Discipline, Integrity, and Growth. Please refer to the soulful flyers sent home on Friday for details and schedules.

Holiday Parties, Dec. 18th: Please be reminded that teachers have discretion around the timeframe of their celebrations. We are expecting to see a balance between the PBIS event, structured winter-related (hands-on) activities, and holiday classroom celebrations. Enjoy!!!