4th Grade Newsletter

December 7-11, 2015


We are in need of the following items for a craft for our December parties... You may send in at anytime and the teacher will keep until our parties.

*googley eyes (preferably the kind with the sticky back)

*orange and black foam

*20 oz. water bottles with labels we can take off (please just save your empty ones and we will clean and use!)


We have been offered the opportunity to go to see "The Little Mermaid" presented by actors at Collins High School. There is no charge, we just need permission. PLEASE SEND IT BACK IMMEDIATELY!

December Events

December 11th- College Day

December 11th-- PTO Holly Jolly Night and Cookies with Santa

December 18th-- Career Day

December 18th-- Last day of school before winter break

What's going on in the classroom?


We are still working on division, students are using our "cheat" sheet trick-- ask your child to see it. If you see your child solving division in a way that seems odd, just trust it. We will eventually build up to the ways your are accustomed to. If a child is struggling with homework please just send them to us to ask questions--- showing them the standard algorithm takes away from the learning process.

We appreciate your patience and help with this!

Reading and Writing

We are wrapping up our nonfiction unit this week and next. Students are finalizing their weather writing pieces and finalizing research.


This week we are investigating the question of - How does weathering and erosion change the look of Earth’s landscape? This week will involve lots of hands on research and data collecting! Try quizzing your student over their essential vocabulary one evening this week!

Bundle up!

As temperatures drop we will continue to have outdoor recess (unless the temperature is below 32*). Please make sure that your child is bundled up in warm clothing, and may even want some gloves.

Also-- did you know your child may bring a crew neck sweatshirt or a sweater, and keep in their locker? This way if they are cold in the classroom they may use it as needed.