Emmanuel Jal

2015 History Madness

Emmanuel Jal Story

When Emmanuel Jal was a kid who was born in a war town Sudan. In 1987 he got tooken from his family and was put in the Sudanese war. He had fought for 5 years, but after a bad event he got saved by a girl from Britian. The only thing he did to keep all the war stuff away from his mind was to sing.


Here are 24 songs that Emmanuel Jal wrote.

Kuar, Warchild, Baai, Gua, Emma, Forced to Sin, Ya Salem, Baaki Wara, Stronger, Elengwen, Nyambol, Shadow of Death, Aiwa, Skirt to Short, No Bling, Gamearina, Many Rivers to Cross, Ninth Ward, Asabi, Lemon Bara, Hadiya, Mother, 50 cent, Hai.

Quotes and Stats

"Education is the only solution for peace"

"When you don't educate the people, you're crippling them. You're not giving them a chance to survive"

In the Album Ceasefire he had a total of 10 songs

He has been included in three movies.

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We Want Peace Official Music Video