WWII- Japan

By:Alton Udeh

Origins: Japan/China

A.Global conflict started from Japan attacking China in 1931 and launched a full scale invasion on China in 1937, taking Beijing in 1937.

B.Japan's goal was to completely take over china.

C. Japan was mostly successful in taking over china multiple cities fell to japan.

D.The Nationalist and Communist Party started working together to rid the nation of the warlords that prevented the formation of a strong central government.

War in the Pacific

A. Japan was interested in Manchuria for economic interests and China's unification threatened Japan's desire to take control of Manchuria since it was historically property of China.

B. On September 18th of 1931, Japan blew up parts of airlock on the Japanese built railroad in south Manchuria using explosives.

C. The League of Nations highly disapproved of Japan's actions in Manchuria, forcing them to withdrawal from the league.

D. One of the advantages Japan had over China a was that their government was quickly making allies with countries like Germany and Italy, expanding their army and making them stronger.

Japanese Occupations

A. Political instability made China an inviting target, as Japanese leaders preferred to fight a state that was weakened by internal divisions.

B. Chiang Kai-shek, and the communist was led by Mao Zedong.

C. The rape of Nanjing demonstrated the horror of war. In a course of 2 months Japanese soldiers raped 7000 women, murdered hundreds of thousands of unarmed soldiers and civilians, and burned one-third of the homes in Nanjing.

D. The Guerilla Warfare helped China because they destroyed many bridges and roads and they took out many Japanese soldiers. The Guerilla Warfare also brought the peasanta together.

Quiz Question

1.What was Japan's goal during the war?

2.What did the Communist Party do during this time?

3.Why was the territory of Manchuria valuable?

4.Who was the leader of the Kuomintang

5.What happened on September 18th, 1931?

6.What helped Japan take over China?

Quiz Answer

1a.To take over China

2a.Got rid of the nations warlords.

3a.Because of its geographical placement and had economic interest.

4a.Chiang Kai-Shek

5a.Japan blew up railroads near Manchuria.

6a.Political Instability