What is conflict?

Conflicts can be described in many different ways

What is Desirable conflict?

Desirable conflict is conflict that can be desirable.This type of conflict helps helps to take out likelihood in group-think. This increases a groups performance while conflicts in other groups are decreased.

Some examples are- When people are at a meeting, and someone has an idea, and then everyone else starts to pitch in on how they can make that idea become better and best for their company

What is undesirable conflict?

Undesirable conflict is when the actions a group of people or just one person's actions can effect the idea and goals of an organization.

Example- Your boss tells you to make an order of the product you need for at your job. On accident, you order to much and you messed up the companies bank account because they have less money than they expected. Now, you and your boss and executives of the company have Undesirable conflict

How can desirable conflict lead to undesirable conflict?

This can lead to undesirable conflict because whenever people are communicating with each-other, some people may not agree with others and it can cause conflict

What is the role of a manager in resolving conflict? -The role of the manager is to stop conflict so they can get back on track
What is the avoidance strategy?- it is to agree with another persons position even though it differs from your own personal beliefs.
What is an example of the avoidance strategy? if there is conflict in a business meeting, agree with the people starting the conflict to avoid it.