By: Michael Batson

What is Globalization?

Globalization is the movement of business, ideas, culture, and technologies to other countries around the world to either benefit or hurt the economy.

The Four Categories of Globalization


Religion being spread to other countries.


Trade world wide with one another, send the jobs in the US overseas to make things for cheap and save money.


How governments of other countries control their people.


How our environment is affected. (global warming, natural disasters, etc.)

Potential Problems with Globalization

Globalization could cause destruction of the environment when building new factories with workers that get less then minimum wage due to their communist government (China). The economy can be in harm because we are loosing jobs due to all of them being sent to China.

Solutions for these problems would be to quit sending our jobs overseas. Doing so makes the poor more poor and the rich more rich. We wouldn't have to remove other countries land in order to make place for a factory of some type.

How My Product Got Here

What i realize by looking at the maps above is that there arnt any natural resources close by that are used to help make my jacket. Vietnam is a communist country so everyone gets payed the same making everyones pay cheap. If the US sends factories over there for Vietnamese people to work in the owners get away with more money while leaving there workers in horrible working conditions.

How Globalization affects me and others

Common patterns within globalization is the loss of jobs in one country and another country having to work in horrible working conditions. To me globalization is