There's No Wrong Way To Have A Body

REAL Humans Are Not Perfect; Perfect Humans Are Not Real


Humans will never be perfect, all of us have our separate imperfections. Those imperfections are what give us our glowing effects showing how unique we are. The only thing is that because of models and barbies and other things that are, "perfect," make people think that they need to get rid of their imperfections which can lead to horrible things.

Problem 1

When Barbie came out about 50 years ago girls around the world girls looked at themselves and wanted to be like Barbie. They thought they were not perfect and became anorexic. This is a severe illness and is still happening today maybe not with Barbie but with models. Girls early as the age of 6 become sick because of this. But this is not their fault. It is Mattel inc fault. Owner and creator of Barbie. They make every single Barbie curvaceous and super skinny. When in real life no girl is like this. Maybe one in a thousand. But that is because they don't eat or purge themselves. Purging is not killing people one night a year but eating a ton of food and make themselves through it all up. And this is all because of fake plastic toys.

Solution 1

The solution to this problem is to make Barbies normal or to use normal woman for modeling. This would help people who have this disorder to function more normally. And not live up to the standards of “Barbie”. And for god's sake to use at least more models who don’t weigh 42% percent less than an average woman. This is a problem only the modeling services and Mattel inc can solve. But sadly they will keep this trend for only one thing. MONEY. But in the meantime people everywhere need to stand up and look in the mirror and say to themselves “ I'm beautiful”.

Problem 2

Many teenage and young women around the world constantly criticize themselves for not being the proper weight or height even though they may be exactly what others want to be. Most of this is caused by advertisers using the skinniest models and heavily photoshopping them into the perfect model and/or body. Even though they’re fine and aren’t overweight or even the average height they'll always look at mirrors and pictures of themselves for hours on end just looking at the flaws that they have and not the positives. They’re constantly antagonizing themselves as if they're the ugliest person on earth even though that is the farthest from the truth as they’re comparing themselves to models that are heavily photoshopped and covered in makeup. Even though they think they look horrible many others would very much disagree and even envy them. The amount of women that are still healthy is quickly decreasing due to their constant want to look better. They’re going so far as to have ten or more different plastic surgeries just to fix one little imperfection. Some people have even gotten killed from complications with the surgery or even becoming paralyzed from too many Botox injections.

Solution 2

In order for this problem to go away advertisers and magazines need to use more average models and stop photoshopping in order to make the women around the world feel more confident about themselves. For this to happen people need to start talking to the major advertisers and modeling companies to try and make a change in the industry. This is a serious problem and people need to make a stand for what’s right and make these companies stop the treachery that they’re causing. People from the ages of 12-32 have been the most affected and they should be the ones that call the companies and get them to use more average models. Even so it’s up to the modeling companies and the advertisers to make the change and recognize the prooblems that they have created. After the companies have done this it’ll still be up to the people to fight their old habits of criticism and pointless surgeries. People also need to think about how the pictures they take of themselves with others is their way of remembering fond memories and not criticizing their weight, shape, height, or skin. Until all these things happen, the world will keep living in an increasingly unhealthy place where the people are so skinny that they cant even walk or even eat.


In the end we are all perfect. Don't judge yourself or others because we are all made perfectly. So look into the mirror and say, "I am perfect".