Merry Christmas

from our family to yours!

We hope that you have had a wonderful 2015! We wish we would have seen you more this year and hope to connect with you over the holidays and in the new year. Here are a few highlights of our year...
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As per tradition, we went on a family road trip--two in fact! We ended last year with a road trip to NYC and this summer we travelled to Washington DC. NYC was awesome but so busy! We did every touristy thing you could imagine. In Washington, the highlights included the Museum of Air & Space and attending a baseball game minutes after we arrived. The best part of road trip is the drive; Stewart downloaded podcasts for both trips and we spent hours listening and laughing together amidst frequent stops for "gas" (Kelsey's code word for bathroom)! Our 2016 road trip might have to be within Canada considering the US dollar!
Sydney is now in grade 10 at Newmarket HS in the French Immersion & Gifted program. She had an awesome year! Academically, she made the Principal's list and won the Science award. She was also the skip for the school Curling team and won MVP! In the summer, she got a part time job at Metro and is busy saving up for her Me to We trip to Ecuador this coming summer! In the fall she finally had enough hair to cut and donate to the Cancer Society. Most recently, she was involved in a musical production of Suessical. She just shone as a "bird girl and we still have all of the musical numbers stuck in our heads! We are proud of how bright, empathetic, funny, and thoughtful she is.
Kelsey has grown up so much over the past year! She continues to be passionate about all things to do with horseback riding. This summer she volunteered to be a Counsellor in Training at her barn and spent many weeks in the summer helping young riders, organizing activities, and making new friendships! Although she doesn't love school, she is bright and works hard and has had a great year academically. She continues to curl on Sundays and this year she joined a Bantam curling team. They travel to local arenas and compete against teams with skips that are sometimes 17! She is really enjoying it. She is firecely independent, witty, and compassionate and has proven herself to be quite the leader! We couldn't be more proud of her!
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As the kids get older, Stewart and I are finding more time to ourselves. We continue to curl on Friday nights and this season we also curl on Sunday nights. We managed to golf a few times and when we can squeeze it in, go to the movies--our favourite thing to do!

I am still working at the Board level and in that role have been afforded lots of opportunities to present and attend conferences and organize large scale initiatives. I've rediscovered my love of writing through my educational blog; I constantly have blog posts swirling around in my head! I also became a grad student this year! I love the learning but need to do a better job with balance in 2016.

Stewart continued in his V.P. role at Vaughan Secondary school. Despite the long commute, he is enjoying the challenges of administration. He is awesome at it! He eats with the kids in the cafeteria, hangs out in classes, and has forged very strong connections with his staff. He has managed to be his ever-charming and wonderful self in a role that sometimes changes people. He still loves to ride his motorcycle and this year's road trip to Detroit and Cleveland with his buddies meant he got to visit more baseball stadiums on his bucket list.

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All the best for 2016! Love, Jennifer, Stewart, Sydney, Kelsey & Ginger