Welcome to the country of Jiyū

Simone David and Emily Murphy

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Welcome to the country of Jiyū

We are a medium sized country surrounded by deserts and we have mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, springs, and islands. Our population is currently 50 million. Our primary language is Japanese but everybody is required to learn English and Latin. Everyone must receive a high school diploma before they can quit school. Everyone over the age of 19 and under the age of 60 may be drafted to fight in war if needed. The government will provide free education up until the end of high school, we will give you free college for 3 years, but if you want to go to a better college or go to college longer you'll have to pay, unless you have a scholarship. Everyone may receive a free basic healthcare plan, but may pay for extra insurance. There will be buses that are affordable, but other modes of transportation must be provided by themselves. Stamps are free, and so are envelopes so you can communicate with others. Everyone may retire at the age of 64, unless there is a health issue, then you may retire early. The tax is 25% but if that can absolutely not be paid, then you only pay 10% of your profits for a 5 month period gradually getting bigger, you won't get as much privileges and if you can't pay it off within those 5 months, you will go to jail for 1-2 years depending on how much you owe the government.

Six Freedoms

  1. Freedom to practice a religion or not
  2. Freedom to hold peaceful petitions
  3. Freedom of speech
  4. Freedom to marry whoever you want
  5. Freedom to have a fair trial
  6. Freedom to never be discrimated

Four Things That Are Illegal

1. Discriminating

2. Smoking/Drugs

3. Harassment of any kind (including stealing)

4. Children under 15 years of age may not work for longer than 3 hours without adult supervision

Type of Government

We chose Representative Democracy because we believe that citizens should vote on important laws, and because we want our citizens to be a part of the government. But we think that not every citizen has the right mindset to make and choose laws. But, we do believe that most people know what qualities make a good person. So we’re allowing all citizens over the age of 18 choose the person who will make all the advanced decisions for the country. We didn’t choose any of the other governments mostly because they were too controlling, or not controlled enough. Dictatorships and monarchies didn’t give citizens any voice, or safety. Theocracies and anarchies may grow chaotic over time. We also couldn’t do a direct democracy because there are too many people in our country. The way our future leaders will be picked is after 5 years, citizens may choose to keep the ruler for another 5 years or to exchange them for another ruler.

System of Government

We chose a Federal System of government because it allows our citizens to have the freedom of choice when it comes to electing our presidents. It also insures that no one person can become too powerful and we are sure to elect good laws with all the layers of our government.

Type of Economy

We chose Capitalist with government involvement because we wanted our citizens to have more freedom than a Communist society, but we still wanted to make sure that our citizens were safe.

Fun Things to do in Our Country

  • Come to one of our Musical theater performances
  • Visit our mysterious haunted house
  • View the street art in the city
  • Experience Animaru, our conservation zoo
  • Enjoy the amusement park chain Yuenchi
  • Tour our world renound candy factory, Kyandi