some people died from three or four tornadoes

When I was three years old I thought that a tornado was a firework and then I found out that wasn't fireworks. I was told that we have to remove to another place to a safe area. When we were packing up we were seeing that many people were dead right on the road and street. Even little babies and little born babies. They died in the hospital when they Were born and we had to pray for all those family that died. We also went to my aunt and cousins funeral and my mom and dad was crying . When we heard that my moms mom died because the tornado even reached them.

Where Do Tornadoes Come From?

Lots of tornadoes comes from thunder clouds. But when it comes from clouds it looks like its gonna grab us. Then when it comes closer it sucks up the stuffs it sometimes is to weak to suck up stuffs. Sometimes tornadoes form thunder clouds. When it forms it kind of touches the air and attached to the cloud mostly. People says that tornadoes are dangerous mostly for kids too.

How do tornadoes form.

Tornadoes form from thunder clouds and they even come from thunder clouds too. Because when they don't form thunder clouds they can't really suck up the things.