The Six Simple Machines

By Kendre Smith


Effort applied to the wheel turns the axle, or effort applied to the axle turns the wheel. They move together. When effort is applied to the wheel, the wheel and axle spreads the force over a greater distance. If the radius of the wheel is two times larger than the radius of the axle, every time you turn the wheel once, the force will be multiplied by two.

Wheel and axle

Two toothed wheels fit together either directly or through a chain or belt so one wheel will turn the other. Some gears may have a screw or a toothed shaft in place of one of the wheels. A gear may also be a combination of toothed wheels that produces a certain speed.f

Inclined Plane

When you are using an inclined plane, you push something up it. Therefore, you are pushing it instead of lifting it. An inclined plane is a slanting surface connecting a lower level to a higher level.