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The Red Army

The Red Army was the name given to Russia's military. The name comes from the color red; the red symbolized the blood that was shed in the struggle against unjust treatment. The Red Army was formed on February 23, 1918. It was formed when the Russian people were revolting against their government.

The Uniforms

The red army would wear a greenish collard jacket and baggy pants. They would wear belts that were brown . They would have black boots like rain boots. They would also have a green hat that was not very modern and looked like it belonged to a sailor. Even though they were called the red army they would wear green for camouflage which helped them during battles to stay hidden. If you look at the picture, don't you think their uniforms is ugly?
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Why Did They Fight and How Were They Treated

Some peasant were drafted into the army and if you did not want to fight they would kill you. So lots of peasants had to fight for the red army. Some were already in the army so they fought any ways. The others for the opposing army would fight for respect for themselves and other people. The non Jews were treated better than Jews and punishments were worse. For an example if you were a Jew and you ran away from the army they would kill you but if you weren't a Jew it would not be as bad.


Although they might have lost the war they are still a pretty cool army. They had a pretty green uniforms and a sailors hat. They have a pretty cool back story. Also it is amazing how harsh they were about drafting people into battle but they still lost the war.

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