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September Edition

School Is Back In Session!

On September 6th, 2019, Egg Harbor Township High School welcomed the class of 2023 into its halls. Over 700 freshmen got to take their first steps into the next four years of their lives and started their journey to become great young adults. However, on this day, our seniors started their last 180 day trip around the halls of EHT aiming to make this their best year yet. With a new principal, a new class, and a new refreshing sense of spirit, the 2019-2020 school year should be one to remember.


As the 2019-2020 school year begins, Egg Harbor Township High School welcomes a familiar face back to the school: our new principal Ms. Connor, who weighed in on her new position. Ms. Connor is looking to become familiar with the high school again before making any changes. “I’m not sure what I want to improve yet. I need to take a step back to see what’s going on, figure out things I want to change and see how I am going to do that,” she stated.

As many may or may not know, Ms. Connor was the vice principal at our school years ago. “[Coming back to the high school] was like coming home. It was simple. It’s been a simple transition,” she said. The transition to high school administration is very different from her elementary school days. “At the high school, sometimes the kids… are not as social as they could be. With the little kids, you’re like the most amazing person to them. They come off the buses, they’re excited to be there, they’re full of hugs. At the high school, I don’t think anyone has hugged me yet,” Ms. Connor exclaimed.

There are many events that Ms. Connor is anticipating throughout the school year, but there is one that stands out to her. “I’m looking forward to graduation. I haven’t been on that side of the stage in seven or eight years. I’m really looking forward to giving a speech. I’m already starting to think of things to put in my graduation speech for the seniors. Of course, I don’t want the year to end, but the ceremony is just so beautiful,” Ms. Connor admitted.

The high school welcomes Ms. Connor’s return with open arms. “We have great kids, and our school district is top. I love where I work, I love the district, and when I was asked to come back here, I didn’t hesitate,” Ms. Connor said. Staff and students are looking to Ms. Connor for leadership into a successful school year.

Big picture

#EHT Pride Day

On Saturday September 21, the Community Partnership for Egg Harbor Township hosted the second annual #EHT Pride Day, during which a large diversity of clubs, activities, and programs offered at the high school, middle schools, and elementary schools were showcased in order to inform the public about the great opportunities offered in Egg Harbor Township schools. Also in attendance were many committed community organizations, sports teams, performers, and even magician/ entertainer Chad Juros, who wowed the crowd with a 45 minute interactive magic show. There were also many athletic events taking place throughout the day, including volleyball, soccer, and football. In essence, #EHT Pride Day was a “wonderful way to show support to the school and community, and a fun afternoon filled with information, crafts, and food for the whole family,” High School French teacher Mm. Cole said. With all of these amazing events occurring, the turnout was incredible and tons of residents showed up to support EHT schools.

Everyone who attended #EHT Pride Day was able to benefit in one way or another. Freshmen newly entering the High School explored all the different clubs, activities, and sports and had a chance to see what they might be interested in. For older students, the voter registration booth was very popular, with many registering to vote and further integrating themselves into the EHT community. Parents and siblings had the chance to learn more about the clubs and activities their children participate in, and students from outside schools were truly impressed by the High School’s amazing facilities. “Overall, I felt a lot more engaged with my community by the end of the day,” senior Anya Gowda said. With many leaving with smiles on their faces, it is safe to say that the 2019 #EHT Pride Day was a huge success.

Spirit Week and Fall Pep Rally

On Friday, September 20th, EHTHS filed into Silver Eagle Stadium for the annual Fall Pep Rally. Over 2,300 students arrived to show their #EHTPRIDE, as well as witnessed some of the school’s many traditions. Before the festivities began, the student body gave a shout out to Mr. Dembin for his 80th birthday. After that, it was game on as the fall sports, marching band, and senior ambassadors battled it out for the coveted "Spirit Stick." This isn’t just a typical battle however; it is a dance battle where each group creates and performs their original dance in hopes that they will take home the prize.

As the intense battle took place, the marching band attempted to retain its title from the previous year, but they were defeated by the senior ambassadors, who walked away with the grand prize of the spirit stick, along with bragging rights for the rest of the year.

As a surprise to the students, a teacher, Mr. Dean, along with two other students, broke into dance. The impromptu mini dance battle cued as soon as “The Git Up” blasted out of the speakers. All in all, the 2019 Fall pep rally was an incredible event filled with fun and games and was enjoyed by all who attended. Thank you Renaissance for organizing this display of #EHT Pride.

Trunk or treat

Attention all creatures large or small! As September comes to a close, the ghouls and goblins come out for the Halloween season. On Saturday, October 12th, EHTHS Renaissance will host the 4th annual Trunk or Treat in the EHTHS parking lot from 3 PM to 5 PM. Whether you're a spooky skeleton or a fair princess, all children are sure to have a joyous time trick or treating from trunk to trunk in this family-friendly event. If you wish to partake in the fun, admission is $5 dollars per child or you can buy a $10 family ticket for three or more children. Interested in hosting a scary caravan of your own? If so email or call (609)-374-6772 for more information for bringing your own trunk to the festivities.

By: Communications Academy

This edition of the COMMunicator is brought to you by the class of 2020 of the Communications Academy.