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Weekly Staff Newsletter February 1-5, 2016

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Start thinking about Valentine Party ideas!

District Calendar 2016-17

Just wanted to reiterate and make sure everyone now has all of the same information. This year, the calendar proposal was handled differently...and I guess Central Office assumed that people would know this when the survey went out. I understand that no one knew the process would be different-I didn't know either. I am sorry Angela, Taylor, nor myself could give you that "heads up". I honestly do not think that Dr. Lawrence realized it would be such a big deal to people. I think he believed in giving people more of a chance to provide input, not just a vote at the end. Take away: if you are given the opportunity to provide your input...do it! It might be your only chance.

I know there is a feeling out there that it isn't the parents' business...but consider this: We are in a unique situation...our business affects parents...students and their families are our clients, so our calendar does affect them. We scream and yell all the time about parents not buying in to what we do-and this might be one way to get them on our side. Do I think that the parents should rule the decisions? No. That's why I hope plenty of you filled out the survey-so that the data collection was a balance of representation.

Regardless of the details within the calendar-and there are certainly pros and cons for everything...but our teacher contract days remain 183 + a flex day, student contact days remain 174. The proposed calendar still contains a nice winter break, and a spring break! Yay! Parent teacher conferences are a bit later-which might turn out to be a great change. The PD all lumped together could have pros and cons as well...but let's make the best of it. I am still happy to get to spend 183 days with all of you and 174 with our students!

Have you sent home conference notes yet?

February In-Service

February 12 will be our next in-service day. So far, we have 2 opportunities for teachers that align with our building improvement plan.

1. Anyone who teaches reading will participate in our workshop about independent reading and small group instruction....led by reading teachers, IC, and Mrs. Bright


2. Non-classroom teachers who do not teach reading will participate in a workshop learning to use EdHub as a resource for increasing teaching strategies for cognitive engagement, critical thinking and problem-solving, student motivation, and monitoring the effect your instruction...led by Mrs. Rice



Is your Unit of Instruction finished and SUBMITTED?

Breakfast and Lunch

Here are the prices for items in the OPAA kitchen. I think there has been some confusion about charges in lunch so this is my attempt to try and clear things up for everyone.

Adult lunch= $2.70 ( 1 tray of entree and small sides OR 1 teacher salad bar trip on the oval plate)

Adult breakfast=$1.70

Entree = $1.50 (1 serving of the item that goes into the large section of the tray, main item of breakfast )

Fruit Side = $0.60 (individual item from teacher salad bar or student buffet cart not included on a tray)

Vegetable Side = $0.50 (individual item from teacher salad bar or student buffet cart not included on a tray)

Milk/Juice = $0.35

Everyone must stop at Sarah’s desk after getting their lunch.

She will record the items that you have on your tray. I think by doing this, everyone can learn what is considered an entree or a side, etc.

You will punch in your lunch/copy code on the little keypad on her desk.

***Both Sarah and Lori are responsible to Central Office in accounting for all the food that goes out of the kitchen.

***Sarah should never have to guess what you have on your lunch tray or guess what to charge you. She is such a nice, honest friendly employee--let’s help her out! :-)


Guess Who

Unit of Instruction on time Jan. 29

PDP on time Feb. 5

Tweet a pic of your students actively engaged-tag @LE_ESSD40 or ESSDEXCELS

Coming Up Next Week...

Feb. 1 Pizza with the Principal 11:30am

PALS Meeting 6:00pm

Feb. 2 LE PCM Day

Middle School visits with 5th Grade

Feb. 3 ECC PCM Day

Attendance Meetings (CARE Team)

No scheduled collaboration

Feb. 4 Team Meetings - Data Teams Math CFA

Feb. 5 PDPs Due!

5th Gr. VS Teachers Basketball 2:00pm