PRM School Rocker February 2021

Issue 7, Vol 2 Black History Month 2021

Principal Simpson's Message

Greetings PRM Families,

We continue to face many obstacles and challenges united as a school community. This month as we celebrate and share some of the contributions of African-Americans, let us also reflect on the progress and perseverance we have shown during these very difficult times. During the month of February, we will also welcome our students back to the building in our blended learning model. Please refer to the phase-in and blended learning schedule included below.

Let's continue to do our part to ensure the health and safety of our school community. If your family is notified of close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 you must notify the school and quarantine for 10-14 days. Please do not send your child to school if they are sick. Even if they are fever free with a runny nose, cough, or headache, they are to stay home. Please report your child's absence by calling the main office or the classroom teacher. Our school nurse will likely follow-up with a call to see if support is needed. Be sure to wear a mask at all times when coming to our campus. We also ask for your help by wearing a mask when out in public and washing your hands frequently. We want to keep our school doors open as long as we can.

We are a strong community of educators, parents, and partners. We are doing the work to grow as a collective body so that our school's vision is realized and our mission continues to drive our work. Thank you for partnering with us and learning with us as we build our path forward.

It is our sincere hope that you will continue to be intentional about showing love and care for your family and those you are connected to. We are so grateful for each and every one of you. Stay safe and cherish each other.


Principal Simpson

Blended Learning School Hours/Cohort Schedule

Phase-in Schedule

PreK~ Return to in-person learning February 2nd (Tuesday-Friday)

Grades K-3~ Return to blended learning February 2nd according to their A/B cohort

Grades 4-6~ Return to blended learning February 16th according to their A/B cohort

Safe Arrival~7:45-8:15am

Safe Dismissal~1:50-2:30pm

All students learn remotely on Mondays

Students in Cohort A~Attend school every Tuesday and Wednesday

Students in Cohort B~Attend school every Thursday and Friday

PreK students~Attend school Tuesday thru Friday

Upcoming Dates

  • African-American History Month-February 1st-28th

  • ILT - February 1st @2:45p

  • Virtual Book Fair with Joseph Beth February 1-14th

  • Boosters - February 4th @ 6:30p

  • Virtual Trivia Fundraiser with O'Brians February 6th @ 8pm

  • CPS Board Meetings - February 8th @ 6:30 p, February17th @ 4p

  • LSDMC - February 10th @ 3pm

  • District Parent Meeting - February 11th 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

  • Free Book Share Bins in Lobby week of February 15th

  • Foundation - February 16th @ 7p

  • Read-a-thon February 19th - 25th

  • Cookbooks still available!

  • LaRosa's Buddy Cards available!

  • Look for details coming in March about the Benken Flower Sale!

Staff Contact information

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PRM School-Based Remote Learning

As our students are returning to the classroom for blended learning, the PRM Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) decided that PRM would offer a school-based remote option. The deadline to select this option was January 29, 2021. For these students, instruction is presented according to the method described for each age-level team below:

Ages 3-6 Teachers will create individual plans to meet the needs of students and their caregivers who will support them remotely. This will include but is not limited to, recorded video lessons in ELA, Math, Science, Geography, and Art. Follow up work will be provided through the PRM packet exchange.

There is no tuition adjustment for PreK families selecting this option.

Ages 6-9 Teachers will develop a distance learning model that best fits their students. Teachers will provide pre-recorded videos/digital material for students to complete. They will also receive packets that align with the in-classroom work.

Ages 9-12 Each partner team will develop a distance learning model that best fits their students. Teams will choose either asynchronous work packets aligned with in-class instruction, pre-recorded lessons, and/or streaming classes synchronously.

Please know that this was our best effort to keep our students and families connected to PRM who do not feel safe returning to school at this time. It is incredibly challenging and a huge undertaking for our teachers to offer these options. Thus, we are not able to accept additional students beyond the January 29th deadline. It is however our hope that families that selected the school-based remote option will feel comfortable transitioning to blended learning in the coming weeks. Those families not comfortable returning to blended learning must enroll in the Cincinnati Digital Academy at this point.

District Safety Plan

This update includes specific guidance for recess, cloth face coverings, and how to respond to a confirmed case or exposure to a confirmed case in your building. Please take the time to read the safety plan at the link below.

From Nurse Meg

As part of the going back to school process Cincinnati Public Schools is aiming for 80% consent rate for Covid 19 testing at the school. Allow me to explain what this means. CPS, Cincinnati Health Department and Children's Hospital has a collaboration to have Covid-19 testing available at all of the Cincinnati Public Schools. I can test any CPS student (with symptoms) right here at school. The results almost always come back the next day by 6am. I don't know if you have had testing done elsewhere but this is very rare to get a result back the next day. As you might remember if your child has symptoms consistent with Covid while at school they will be sent home and cannot return until they either have a negative Covid test or isolate for a minimum of ten days. Testing at school can markedly cut down on the amount of time they have to stay out. Please know however, even if I have a consent I will not test unless I speak to you. AND, when I call you to ask permission you can refuse even if I have this on file. Also, we will not be randomly testing people. It is just for students with symptoms.

I know there are some parents who absolutely do not want your child tested at school and that is okay. If you do not want your child tested I encourage you to return the signed consent with some sort of bold marking that you do not want your child tested. This way I at least know that you have seen my pleas and will not pester you! Again, if you change your mind you can fill out another consent.

You can either print off this consent and bring it to school or you can print if off, scan it and email it back to me. I need a signed copy. My email is... and by the way, this one is correct!..If you have already turned in a consent, I do not need another one.

If you have any questions please call at 363-4421

Covid-19 Protocols

If a student is identified as having symptoms in a building:

  • Any student who displays symptoms of COVID-19 will go to the isolation room to be evaluated by the nurse.
  • Based on the nurse’s assessment, the student will be tested, ONLY if the consent document is on file.
  • Parent/guardian will be called to pick up their child regardless if they are tested or not.
  • Children directed to the isolation room due to displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home. This is out of an abundance of caution to keep everyone safe.
  • All students will be given a letter to explain the next steps.
  • Students who are not tested are asked to follow up with the primary doctor.
  • The principal and building staff will work to identify any students that were in close contact with any student who has a positive test result. We go back 48 hours from the onset of symptoms.

In the event of a confirmed case in a school building:

  • A temporary closure (1-5 days) of a classroom, grade, or entire building will be considered so we may thoroughly clean/disinfect and conduct a risk assessment based on the potential for viral spread.
  • In the case of temporary closures, all students will shift to distance learning.
  • When would a classroom switch to distance learning? This decision would be made with the Health Dept. based on factors such as multiple confirmed cases in one classroom or if 6’ distancing was not followed.
  • When would a school switch to distance learning? This decision would be made with the Health Dept. based on factors such as a cluster of confirmed cases in one school and/or a high percentage of staff absences.
Masks On For Me
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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures for Blended Learning

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Weekly Food Distribution Every Wednesday and Friday

Blended Learning Meal Cooking Instructions and Nutrition Information

CPS Student Dining Services provides FREE meal packages that contain breakfast and lunch items for three (3) days to supplement the meals served in school the days students are learning from home. This is in no way a determination of economic status or need. Meal distribution takes place during dismissal on Wednesdays and Fridays. Staff will offer the meals to all students. Students who have been instructed by their parents to not take meals can simply say no thank you and keep moving. The decision to take or not take the food is up to the student and their family. Food Services has provided tan reusable bags for the take-home meals. Please write your child's name on the bag and send it back to school each week on Wednesday (Cohort A) or Friday (Cohort B).

Please support this process as an equitable opportunity for all students to receive meals that would be offered to them in school. If your child brings home food and you don't desire to use it feel free to repurpose it as you choose. Once the food is taken or touched safety guidelines prevent its return to the school. Our Food Service Department follows strict food safety guidelines for proper storage of food to prevent contamination and waste.

All nutrition info can be found on SchoolCafe. On your computer, visit On your mobile device, visit SchoolCafe on the App Store or SchoolCafe — Apps on Google Play.

All products are thoroughly cooked and can be consumed cold or heated using the instructions in the links below.

For more information about remote meals, visit CPS Continuing to Provide Breakfasts, Lunches During Distance Learning.



Welcome Our New Security Guard!

Mr. Roy Ramsey is our new security guard. He has been with the District for a few years and has experience supporting elementary buildings.

Be sure to give him a warm PRM welcome when you see him on campus!

Community Learning Center (CLC) Updates


  • Winterfest was a big hit! Thank you to all the PRM staff, family, friends and community members who came out to make this event special. Seeing the school lit up was magical.

  • Thank you goes out to the planning team members of the PRM Town Hall, Monisha House for being our guest speaker, and all the district, staff, families, and community partners who came out to learn what CPS and PRM is doing about diversity and inclusion at the Town Hall.

  • African American History Month- PRM has planned a fun and impactful month of events for our staff and students to enjoy. Look at the flyer below to see what’s going on each week. We hope you all can join us!

  • African American History Month is upon us and we have so many exciting things that we have planned for our students. This celebration is a month-long event that will explore all types of African American people and things. Check out the flyer below and get ready to actively engage and participate in this digital experience.

  • PRM partnered with Joseph-Beth Bookstore to bring you this year’s Book Fair February 1-14, 2021. Check out all the books that they have for you to sit back and read. I’m ordering and I sure hope you will too. Click on the link to see what you can find. (Go to Books and then click on book fair) Use our PRM Unique Coupon Code: SPRMBF21

  • Do you have a 6th grader going to high school? Well make sure that you enter your child into the CPS High School Lottery

  • Are you interested in spring sports? Well, wait no longer Spring Sports registration is currently open now until February 15th. Click on the link to register:

  • Keep watch for the Possip Communication- The district will send out communication twice a month. We ask that you respond back to the question(s) that they are posing to us. This information is tabulated and comes directly to the CLC office and Ms. Simpson which helps us in making improvements to PRM.

  • CRC is still taking applications for PRM After-School Care. Stop by the office for an application or stop by the CRC for an application.

  • Imago Rangers are still going strong through our virtual unit. Please stop by and enjoy the activities that they have developed for your child. Many of the activities can be done with the entire family. This month we will focus on seeds. Does a seed have life? Click here to see:

Community Resources:

  • Fresh Produce and Food Drive Thru Distribution at Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church, every Wednesday from 4:30-6:30 pm. Let them know that you are PRM

  • Frozen Meals for any age from La Soupe can be picked up every Monday from 3-6 pm at Deer Park Library (3970 E. Galbraith Rd.). For more information call 513-369-4450

  • Meal Boxes for youth from UMC Food Ministry can be picked up every Monday from 3-5 pm at Pleasant Ridge Library (6233 Montgomery Rd.). For more information call 513-369-4488

  • Pop-up Produce- The Freestore food bank has partnered with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to bring fresh produce to the community. Check out the flyer below for more information.

  • Do you have a 5th grader that is academically motivated? Breakthrough Cincinnati is offering a great summer enrichment program that is for 6-weeks, free and has a rigorous academic program. Click on the link for an application: (Application Deadline: March 12, 2021. You can watch this short video to see what Breakthrough Cincinnati is all about.

  • Need a Job? - Work the Water at CRC! The CRC is currently getting people ready to become a lifeguard for the summer. If you are interested in having fun in the sun then this could be for you. See the flyer below for more information.

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PRM Community in Action

Two great events brought the PRM Community together in January, Winterfest and the first ever Virtual Town Hall! Thank you to all the staff and volunteers that put on the Winterfest, Wishing on a Brighter Future on January 22nd! The evening was kind of like a spirit caravan in reverse where students and their families were able to drive by the school to see staff greeting them with smiles, hot chocolate, and peppermints.

On February 27th, PRM held their first ever Town Hall with special guest speaker Monisha House, Director of School Leadership to talk about Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-racism. There will be a parent equity group beginning in March to continue this discussion and work! For more information about the parent equity group, contact Amanda Bennett at or 513-344-7720. Go to the home page on to view a recording of the Town Hall presentations and conclusion and read a post to see what was discussed.

If you attended or after you view the Town Hall, fill out the survey to let us know how we did!

Thank you to all of PRM for working together to keep our community together and rocking!

3-6 News

Words cannot describe how happy we are to be back in person with your children. We will spend this first week getting back into the routine of being in the classroom- choosing work, rolling/unrolling a rug, keeping a safe distance between each other, etc.

In science, we are learning about fish. We will learn about some of the characteristics that make an animal a fish, parts of a fish, and names of different types of fish. In geography, we will be traveling to Asia. We will learn about several different countries and their flags, animals of Asia, and some cultural traditions. In math, we will continue to work on addition, subtraction, and identifying numerals 1-20. In language, we are working on our journey to reading.

As always, the 3-6 team wants to thank you for your support, grace, and patience throughout this school year!

6-9 News

The 6-9 Team is so excited to have students returning to the classroom. Classrooms will begin to utilize the outdoor education space as the weather permits and we feel spring approaching. The entire team is creating a quilt to celebrate Black History Month! Each student is designing a quilt square based off of an influential person in black history. Students should dress for the weather each day - wearing warm coats, comfortable shoes, and gloves. All classrooms are finishing up middle of the year assessments now that students have returned to PRM!

9-12 News

Most of our team is MAP testing during February. Be on the lookout for a schedule for your child from their teacher. Each team has a different MAP schedule to follow. We want to thank all parents in advance for their support during testing! 9-12 students are scheduled to return to the building starting the week of February 15th. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. See you then!

PTO and Foundation Hub News

We want to echo the work in the nation, the district and at PRM with the Town hall to make sure minority voices are heard! If anyone is thinking about getting involved or interested, let us know! We are looking for parents/caregivers to join the PRM Foundation. Foundation works on fundraising and makes decisions of what that money supports! Also PTO needs a Vice President for next year. PTO focuses on building community! You can find the following meetings and links online at

  • LSDMC - February 10th @ 3pm

  • ILT - February 1st @2:45p

  • Foundation - February 16th @ 7p

  • Boosters - February 4th @ 6:30p

  • CPS Board Meetings - February 8th @ 6:30 p, February17th @ 4p

  • District Parent Meeting - February 11th 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Boosters Update: Spring sports registration is open now through Feb 15th!

We are registering for soccer, baseball, track and field, and volleyball clinics. At this time we are hopeful that we can move forward with sports but it is not guaranteed. If you are interested in registering, please go to: Financial Assistance is Available!

CPS Parent Technical Support Hotline

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CPS Calendar 2020-2021 School Year

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History is All Around Us

Students don't always understand that history is being made all around us, in all kinds of ways. History, to them, is relegated to the past. In contrast, this template is chock full of Black Americans who are making history now.

Happy Black History Month! Let's show our students the breadth of change-makers out there! :)

Bringing About New Laws - Black Politicians

Discovering the World's Mysteries - Black Scientists

And then there's saving the planet!

This article profiles Black climate scientists active today, including Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, a marine biologist and daughter of a farmer/teacher, whose work focuses on the ocean. Learn more about her at:

Caring for Others - Black Doctors, Chefs, & Public Health Experts

Creating Beauty - Black Artists & Fashion Designers

Building the Economy - Black Business Owners

Unit 1: Biography Project

Biography projects are terrific because they engage students by offering choice, they can be adapted for all age groups, and they are easy to differentiate.

  • Here's a link to a great set of biography projects for elementary students.
  • Here are some fun ideas for middle school students.
  • Here's a link to a biography writing project for older students (note: where it suggests checking out a book from the school library, it could easily be researching the internet!)
Unit 2: Chart Your Own Path

Once students have gotten inspired by exploring the lives of contemporary Black change-makers, it's time to script their own stories. This Pinterest page shows a wide variety of super cool formats that students can use to forecast their own stories.

Smore <3 Black History Month

This template was made by Smore's Resident Educator. If you have suggestions for templates that would help you, feel free to reach out to her: