Fourth Grade Summer School

Mrs. Kunels/Mr. Coen

Last week...

  • Reader's Workshop - We continued reading many books about environmental issues and tracking how characters were responding to these issues, whereby relating character response to the emerging themes in multiple texts.
  • P.E. - Students played several games to practice dribbling, control, and teamwork.
  • Music - Students identified the names of the notes on the treble clef by doing several hands-on activities and technology.
  • Writer's Workshop - We are continuing to study how to structure an essay. Students worked to develop a strong thesis statement and reasons that support their thesis.
  • Math Workshop - We used models (arrays), the expanded algorithm, and the standard algorithm to solve multiplication problems .
  • Art - Students learned about the foreground, middle ground, and background of paintings. They also created a value scale in order to prepare for their landscape painting this week.

Students are creating a value scale by adding black (shade) and white (tint) to another color.

Fourth graders are working in math centers to review the expanded algorithm.

P.E. is all about keeping control!

Students play "Note Beanbag Toss"

Fourth graders use technology to practice naming notes on the treble clef.