4th Grade Happenings: Week 36

Reagan Elementary - Leander Independent School District

Week of June 1 - 5, 2015


Dear Parents,

We are at the time of the year where we give you back your children. We give them back pounds heavier, inches taller, months wiser, more responsible, and more mature than when we first met.

Although we are well aware these students would have grown in spite of us, it has been a privilege to watch their personalities unfold day by day. We're not excited to give them back, for having spent countless hours with them the past nine months, we've come to truly love them. We will send a little piece of us with them and hold a small part of them in our hearts. We know we are better for the time spent together, and our hope is that they are as well.

We have lived, loved. laughed, learned, played together and have richer lives because of the time we've shared. We will always be interested in your child and the path they take in the future. Please keep us posted on how their lives progress; we'll be happy to share their joys and sorrows and celebrate who they become.

They will be missed; our classroom will not be the same without them. But since it is the natural and good course, we give them back to you. We're a bit sad to do so, but excited to see the impact they will have as they continue to grow and learn and thrive. You all are wonderful parents and it's been a joy to be able to connect with you over your children this year.

Thank you for sharing them with us.

Our Best,

Karen & Stephanie



Monday 6/1

  • SPLASH DAY!! Please see information below
  • THE YEAR IN REVIEW: Students will be working on end-of-year scrapbooks. We have supplies in class, but they may bring in their own if they prefer.
Tuesday 6/2
  • green specials day
  • BEACH READ: bring in flashlight / towel (preferably washed after Splash Day :)
  • DESK/CUBBIES CLEANOUT - please send an additional bag (i.e., HEB green bags), because they're bringing EVERYTHING HOME today :)
Wednesday 6/3
  • blue specials day
  • MOVIE FUN: Students will be selecting one movie from the following choices: Meet the Robinsons (G), Lion King (G), Tangled (PG), or The Croods (PG). Please contact your child's teacher directly if you would prefer they not view one of those choices.
Thursday 6/4
  • purple specials day
  • FLOATING AWAY TO 5TH GRADE: Hot Dog Lunch & Root Beer Float in-class celebration
  • The cafeteria WILL NOT be serving 4th grade lunch that day, so if you would prefer that your child not eat with us, please send in a lunch - thanks!
Friday 6/5
  • AUTOGRAPH PARTY: Students may wear a parent-approved shirt to get signed, have their yearbooks signed, or we will provide autograph pages. For shirt signing, students must provide their own sharpies.
  • LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - dismissal at 11:45


There is currently an 8% chance of precipitation for tomorrow. NOONE will be more excited with this forecast than our students, as it looks like SPLASH DAY is ON! Detailed information is available in the link below. A few reminders:

  • We will be eating lunch early tomorrow (at noon) and picnicking outside
  • Girls must wear a shirt and shorts over their suits, boys must wear a shirt with their swim trunks.
  • No flip flops or croc-type shoes allowed! Splash day is an extremely active day. Help us keep your child safe by sending them in old tennis shoes or water shoes with support.
  • Sunscreen will NOT be shared due to allergy reasons, please send your child with their own and we will help them apply it before going outside.
  • Don't forget a towel!
  • Students may either wear their suits to school, or if they prefer to come in street clothes, they may bring their swim attire & we'll give them the opportunity to change into swimsuits before we eat at noon.
  • IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO VOLUNTEER! We love seeing parents at fun events like this and need all the help we can get. Please go to http://reagan.my-pta.org/Content.asp?PageID=222&GroupContent=117 to sign up as a volunteer.


In order to help make our splash day a success, our PE coaches are requesting water balloon donations for tomorrow (Monday). Donations may be delivered to the gym n a cooler, laundry basket, etc. clearly labeled with your name at drop off time tomorrow and picked up from the gym at the end of the day. Thanks for your help!


Our students have been extremely fortunate to have Ms. Lindsay, one of the best Ready, Set, Teach students EVER, with our classes us every other day this year. Ready, Set, Teach is a high school program for students that are considering going into education that allows its students to spend time in their potential field gaining experience. She has literally spent HUNDREDS of hours with us this year. She has supported our classes tirelessly - she's taught mini-lessons, worked one-on-one or with small groups of students, and done the not-so-fun trench work that comes with any job. She's even come to spend time with us when she wasn't scheduled to, simply because she truly loves the students. We couldn't have pulled off Survivor Island - and many, many other things - without her!

We know she is extremely sad to be saying goodbye to the students this week. If your child would like, they can bring in a card or a note for Ms. Lindsay and we'll give them to her when we see her for the last time on Thursday. We'd love to send her off with well wishes and lots of appreciation - she's been a wonderful asset to our year and the students have loved calling her "friend"!

FLOATING AWAY TO 5TH GRADE - Hot Dog Lunch & Root Beer Float Celebration - June 4th!

Thanks so much for those of you who have offered to contribute to our end of year lunch!

If you signed up to donate something to our hot dog lunch & root beer float celebration, you may send it in this week. PLEASE NOTE: The on-line sign up might be just a *bit* confusing. If you signed up to bring in hotdogs or buns, each of those signup slots were for two packages each. We need eight packages of dogs and eight packages of buns TOTAL. Apologies for any confusion!

Please see the following link for information on our end of year class party...thanks!


MEDICATIONS IN CLINIC : A Note from Nurse Audra

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This is to remind you that if your child has medication in the school clinic, all medications will need to be picked up NO LATER THAN Friday, June 5, 2015 at 12pm. For safety reasons parents must pick up their child’s medication, this is a district procedure. Medication will not and cannot be sent home with a student. We are not allowed to keep medication in the clinic during the summer. Therefore, medications left in the school clinic after Friday, June 5, 2015 at 12pm, will be disposed of properly.

Thank you,

Audra Abseck, RN

Ronald Reagan Elementary


The last day of school will dismiss at 11:45. This is different than past years' dismissal times, so please adjust your schedules now to accommodate pickup if necessary - thanks!


Parents - just a reminder that if your child doesn't have enough to cover a hot lunch ($2.20), the cafeteria staff can no longer allow them to charge a meal. While they won't deny them food, they will be served a cold cheese sandwich and sides (which is typically NOT a student favorite). If your child is a frequent buyer, please make sure his/her account is up to date these final two weeks of school, keeping in mind that online deposits can take several days to post in accounts and may not be available immediately. Thanks!


For any questions or inquiries, please call Leander Child Nutrition Services at 512.570.0670.
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Have a great summer! Our best ~ ALWAYS -

Karen & Stephanie

Reagan Elementary Our Town 4th Grade, 2014.15

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