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Robots were once thought to be the future but you can now have one in your house! A true robot is a machine that can complete a mission or task without human guidance. Robots have been featured in many T.V. shows and movies (Like The Daleks in British T.V. show doctor Who)as characters or enimies or friends. Robots can be us in war, in hospitals, or even homes. They are not always used for walking around and looking cool.

Robots are used in spaces where it is not safe for robots. They can be used in spaces where nuculer waste was spilled or they can be used wheil handling foods that humans could contaminate with germs. Robots like Wakamaru can aid the elderly. Wakamaru can say 10,000 words and sees things through a built in camera.

Humanoids are machines that look,think, and behave like humans. They are shaped like humans so they can adapt to the enviornment like stairs, chairs and other things in daily human life. Some humanoids were made for Robocup soccer because they can move quickly and ar designde to kick soccerballs.

Robots in space are very hard to make. They can not have a gas engine because gas uses air to burn in engines. Also the terrain is very rocky . Robots like the mars rover are remote controlled so it can only do basic things. these robots have to be aslight as possible so the spaceship can lift off again.

Robots can be used to preform live opperations like heart surgery. Human doctors remain in control of the robots so they don't mess up on their own. The robots can preform tasks like heart surgery through the chest in 4 1 centimeter holes in he chest instead off an open chest that doctors that doctors have to do.

Robot wars is a show where people make robots and controll them to kill other robots designed to kill them. People from around the world can cmpete some people do this for fun but others do this to find ways to improve their robot.

Robots are incredible machine that can help people and make world better. Make robots!

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