Chinese Traditional

By: Zac Zeigler

Supreme Being

Chinese Traditional believers worship gods from Buddhism and Taoism.


Qin Shi huang founded the practices of the religion when he formed the Chinese Empire around 214 BC.
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Chinese Traditional has followers in the billions and most of them are Chinese.
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Holy Book

The Chinese Traditional religion doesn't have a specific Holy book considering there are several religions within Chinese Traditional.


They honor the dead through rituals and altars.

They pray for health, wealth, and ongoing life.

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Holy Days

Some Holy Days in the Chinese Traditional Religion include:

Chinese New Years

Autumn Moon Festival

Ghost Festival

Chinese-Buddhist Festival

Chinese-Taoist Festival

Qing Ming Jie Festival

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Places of Worship

The believers of Chinese Traditional worship in temples and altars.
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Continents of Worship

Chinese Traditional is mainly in China, but also spread out through Asia and the Americas.
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