Energy Drinks

Are They Okay?

So what's the deal with them?

Energy drinks are one of the most popular things to drink nowadays..., why? These beverages we put into our healthy bodies change things. They give us certain things but what are they taking from us at the same time? Let's find out.

First of all...

Okay. Everyone knows what an energy drink is, but do you know what they do to you? Energy drinks affect your body in many ways. Here are just a few of the major ones.

1. Jitters

2. Need to urinate frequently

3. High blood pressure

4. Increased heart rate

5. Causes difficult withdrawal symptoms

So what's in them?!

So what's in them?! (Continued)

Those were just a few of the many chemicals inside energy drinks and yes, there are many more. But putting chemicals aside, what are the calories and sugar??

First of all, we will be talking about the popular original Monster Energy Drink.

Calories: There are 100 calories in a Monster brand energy drink. You could have a baked potato, cashews, or even a small salad for that many calories. You are drinking calories which you can use somewhere healthier.

Sugar: One Monster energy drink has 56 grams of sugar. That's a lot compared to your average original Coke soft drink. Monster has almost double the sugar.

Who's drinking them?

A huge problem has happened with energy drinks. Younger people are drinking them. Even small children are starting to be allowed energy drinks. What are we going to do?? Energy drinks are dangerous to some people, especially small children.

Opinion of who should have them.

Now for my opinion. I believe that energy drinks should not be marketed toward children. Maybe around 15 is an appropriate age. This is why. There are already many cases of death, health issues, and child development issues. I think that energy drinks should be regulated by parents like it is already. It is their choice. When the child is an adult, they can buy the energy drinks but until then, a parent must buy them. That is my opinion on the marketing of energy drinks to children.
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